7 Woes of Moving Around As A Child

What would you do if I told you right now that you had to pack up your stuff and move? To a completely different city? As appealing as adventure and travel may be to some of us, uprooting our whole lives and moving to a new place, with new people in a new environment is nobody’s preference.

If you also have parents with jobs that require you to move from place to place at regular intervals, you will relate to this post. If not, then this post is definitely going to give you an insight as to how things are on the “other side”. Here are 7 woes of moving around from place to place as a child:

  1. Changing schools

7 Woes of Moving Around As A Child 1This has GOT to be the worst of them all! New classmates, new teachers, new subjects. Trying to fit in in a new school starts taking its toll on you, eventually.

  1. Memorizing new phone numbers
    Ugh! New phone numbers, new addresses, each time you shift memorizing these basic details seem impossible and then some because even with smartphones in play, you HAVE to remember your Mom’s number. I mean, C’mon! What if you got robbed in a dark alley and you didn’t have your phone and you needed to call your mom?
  2. Pack. Unpack. Pack again.
    The whole airplane pilots, flight attendants travel, packing, unpacking and then packing again JUST when you feel like you’ve settled down kind of does your head in! Is it ever possible to get accustomed to pack up and move again? Well, eight to nine shifts in, I’m still not accustomed to it.
  3. Being a loner
7 Woes of Moving Around As A Child 2

Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

Since it takes a considerable amount of time for us to adjust in a new place, we end up being loners, at least initially when everything is new and unfamiliar.

  1. Losing your stuff
    This is another highlight of changing your home every two-three years. You KEEP losing your stuff because it’s difficult to keep track of it over the years. Like that stuffed toy which you couldn’t go to sleep without when you were really young, but then one day it just went, Poof!
  2. Having to make new friends
7 Woes of Moving Around As A Child 3

Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash

You are moving, but sadly your friends aren’t. So you have to set about making new friends, EVERYWHERE. It was an unending loop of small talk, doing homework assignments together, being lap partners, eventually turning into BFFs only to leave again and then the cycle repeats.

  1. Where are you from?
    This question ALWAYS gets me to roll my eyes and I need to take a minute to pick a place. Growing up all over the place has that effect. *dry humor*

Even though it was annoying as hell to memorize the light switch and the fan switch and the house layout in every new house we moved to, meeting new people from different cultures helped in exploring this world more than I could have if I’d stayed in one single place. It taught me that it’s always smart to keep your moving boxes because you never know when they might come in handy! But most of all, this experience taught me that no matter where you go you should always leave your mark.

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