Thursday, August 5, 2021

Woman Asks Boyfriend For Flowers, Receives Flour Instead

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A woman asked her boyfriend to gift her home delivered flowers, but her boyfriend decided to give her bags of flour instead. Paige-Ellen Williams hinted to her boyfriend that she would love to have flowers delivered at her home, and Mr. Selway decided to send her 12 bags of flour instead.

Miss Williams shared the image on Tesco’s page on Facebook, and the post has already been shared over 9,000 times. She mentions in the post about how a man from Tesco came in the morning, and she initially thought the delivery person came to the wrong address. Miss Williams had never ordered anything from Tesco ever, and she was surprised with the delivery. She refused the package but understood what had happened when the delivery person stated that it was her boyfriend who placed the order. Tesco responded to the post with a witty reply “hope you enjoy your weekend, and I can’t wait to see how you have the flours arranged in the middle of your dining table”


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