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A Wonderful Friend In The Rain


This poem is about rain. It illustrates how most of us have spent some of our most memorable moments under the influence of rain. Humankind has always enjoyed the rain, but the recent disaster has got me really worried about people. This poem expresses what we have done to rain and a plea to save my people.

Oh my precious old Friend!

We met after a long time,

You left me looking for you so long.

I loved you so much back when I was alone,

I loved you even when I was not alone,

You were there with me all the time,

You have savoured the tears of mine and

I have whispered my stories to you.

You cheered me with the elegant drop of you.

I had been ecstatic whenever I met you on the terrace of my home.

We conversed when I rode my scooter alone on the roads of my city.

You were erotic when your attire made me feel sexy,

I broke down on the roads on some occasions with you.

You recognized the screams of my soul

You love the sugariness of my songs.

We enjoyed our existence.

When I moved to the hills,

you started being unpleasant to me,

Even then I loved you, the icy touch of yours have stolen my soul a few times

In the process, you gave me sickness, I polluted you.

Are you betraying my love?

Are you hurting my people just because I transformed and moved far away from you?

We had a, and we still have a wonderful relationship,

Don’t mistake me, I will never leave you alone.

I am waiting to reveal my secrets to you soon.

I never thought you would suck the blood of my people.

Please don’t be so cruel to my people.

I love you my precious old friend.

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