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World’s 5 Most Professional Blackjack Players 

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Contrary to other popular card games, Blackjack is players against the dealer. If you have played this game at the most trusted website for online gambling, then you will know why. Players do not compete with each other. It is not unknown that winning and losing in card games is a matter of luck. At least, the majority of us believe us. But there are some who went beyond the conventional thinking to outsmart the rules and dominate Blackjack like no one ever did in history. 


It is an easy game to learn but a tough one to master. The game requires you to have a total value of 21 or less in order to stand a chance of winning. Now it might seem you have no control over the cards supplied and the chances of winning slim, we will show you some of the Blackjack legends who became professional players with their acumen.

World’s 5 Most Admired Blackjack Players 

The players mentioned below are some of the world’s biggest masterminds of Blackjack

1. Bryce Carlson

The famed author of the popular book Blackjack for Blood, Bryce Carlson started his stint with Blackjack in 1970s. He had an insatiable thirst for learning Blackjack and beating the casinos at their own game. 


Not only did he want to win but also teach beginners and those interested in mastering Blackjack learn how to control their fate in the game. Ironically, he lost quite some money when he had a 47-hour long losing streak. He did win back the amount however later. 


Bryce developed a card counting system known as Omega II Blackjack Machine and went on to develop Omega II Blackjack Casino later.

2. Arnold Snyder

Author of many gambling books, Arnold Snyder holds a record as a blackjack player and was even inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame for the same. 


Arnold mastered the art of playing Blackjack by initially playing at low stakes. He studied the card counting systems and the way casinos shuffled cards to develop his own technique of gaining an advantage over the traditional casinos. 


He is also the editor of Blackjack Forum, which he moved from print to online due to lack of time.


3. Edward O. Thorpe

Good mathematical skills surely go a long way in deciding your destiny. It worked for Edward O. Thorpe. A mathematics professor and a hedge fund manager by profession, Edward used his skills to gain mastery over Blackjack by inventing a unique card counting technique, for which he went to great lengths. 


He wrote the book Beat the Dealer that proved card counting can beat the house advantage in Blackjack.

4. Russ Hamilton

Russ Hamilton started his career in gambling as a poker player. However, when he moved to Las Vegas, he developed a penchant for blackjack. It was there that he collaborated with other blackjack players. He even started a tournament named Elimination Blackjack, which gained huge popularity among gambling enthusiasts. However, he was found guilty of cheating at the online poker cardamom Ultimate Bet. 

5. Don Johnson


Don Johnson is famed for beating casinos in Atlantic City and winning money to the tune of $15 million in a period of 6 months. His winning streak landed casinos into troubled waters and two of the casinos set restrictions on him, while the famous Caesars banned him altogether. 

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