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Yogesh Chabria: The Motivating Inspiration for All

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Motivation is about pushing people to act in a direction that fulfills their purpose in life. Some people need the motivation to achieve goals in life, and then some people help and motivate others to reach their desired goals.
The beauty is that when you help more people, you feel good too,” says the motivating & inspiring Yogesh Chabria, who is a #1  bestselling author and the founder of The Happionaire™ Way, a global initiative to help people discover their inner greatness and lead fulfilling lives in all areas.
His transformative programs and seminars have benefitted leaders at Fortune 500 companies, IITs, members of the European Parliament, TEDx, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Members of The Royal Family, and people from all walks of life in over 100 countries – from students to billionaires.  
Yogesh Chabria believes that during such uncertain times when the people live in the most challenging times in history, “Never before in humanity has such a time come, humanity has gone through wars, calamities, but even during that time people had the freedom to go out when wars were restricted to the borders, but there is such a situation where billions of people are locked in, jobs are being lost, businesses are being shut, this is the time when people need to work on their mindset, work on their psychology, work on themselves.
When there are challenges, there are also opportunities. This is the best time, and if you could come up with something that solves a problem, you can discover a beautiful opportunity.”
He spent his time helping more people, reading new books, and upgrading his skills. He believes if you start helping people around you, even if it’s one person, in whatever way possible, nothing can be better. “If you know a language if you know how to write, teach somebody. If you know something about mindset, happiness, health, share it with people.” 

Yogesh Chabria: Learning to See Good in Everyone & Everything 

Yogesh Chabria: The Motivating Inspiration for All 1


Yogesh Chabria believes, we all have it within us. Everybody has goodness. Even if the worst person sees a child fall, he will go and help. Even Raavan was good to his sisters & brothers, so everyone has goodness within them. You just have to identify it. Your past doesn’t decide your future. Whatever has happened in the past, you have to move on. You can still grow and improve.
“Once when I was a small boy, I got down from my school bus, there was an open gutter, and I fell in it. There was all water around me, and I felt like I’ll die if someone doesn’t help me. That was the time when I just prayed to God that I want to live. I want to do good in life, please save me. As I prayed, suddenly a hand came to my rescue, pulled me out of the gutter, carried me home to my mother. He didn’t care much about my religion, race, age, whether I’m poor or rich but saved my life without any expectations.” 

Yogesh Chabria: The Happionaire® Way

When he was 22 years old, while meditating one fine day, he just got this thought, the word Happionaire. “I have met so many people, world leaders, billionaires, but at the end of the day, every human being is searching for happiness, joy, peace, and meaning. And that is what is Happionaire is about.”
“If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, everybody has basic needs, the basic need of food, shelter, and then gradually you have other physical needs, you need a companion. Once all these needs are fulfilled, you know your deepest desire is to discover joy, bliss & happiness. Everybody has the potential to discover it because everybody has happiness within them. We are more like a mission, a movement to help people.”
The Happionaire® Way is making tremendous changes through training programs in the way people work, think, and live. Yogesh Chabria is known as the best-selling author of many books like Invest the Happionaire way, Happionaire’s Cash The Crash, Happionaire’s Money Game, and Happionaire’s Investment Secrets for Women.
He recently launched a book – Succeed the Happionaire Way, that breaks down the success principles in a very simple way into a formula that anybody can follow. “No matter where you are currently, whether you’re struggling, living in a small village, or you don’t have access to anything, you can use these principles to move ahead in life, to succeed. Because I have used these principles, people who have gone through our programs & seminars have seen results as well.”
“It breaks down that you can achieve anything with happiness. It starts with how you set goals, get clarity in life to overcoming fear, the way you strategize, plan, and take action. At the same time, it is not only about material success, but also about your physical, mental, emotional health, relationships with your loved ones. And finally, it talks about the power of sharing because a large part of my success is simply based because of sharing.” 
rich results on bing when searching for Yogesh ChabriaYogesh Chabria: The Motivating Inspiration for All 2rich results on bing when searching for yogesh chabrai

Yogesh Chabria: Success & Inspiration

People think to succeed you need to be thinking only about yourself, you shouldn’t help others, you shouldn’t share. This system of thinking doesn’t work in the real world. The more you help people around you the more you succeed. I have always looked to help people, whether it’s companies, individuals, everybody. I kept sharing positive ideas. One day a friend came to me and asked if I can help him get a job, I said yes I can help you get a job. He asked me to help him get a job at CNBC, which was just launched in India. I said I’ll try to help you out. So I went and found out the details of the editor and wrote her an email.”
The editor replied, and saw his signature in the email link to his website as well. She said, “I read your writings. I used to run a blog then.”
Yogesh Chabria was then offered to do a blog for money control.
Rich results when searching for Yogesh Chabria on bing
Yogesh Chabria started writing on money control, and it became one of the most popular columns on the topic. The concerned people asked him if he would want to write a book, so that was one of the first books that came out. He was 23 years old when the book was published.
It became the bestseller, with advertisements running on TV. “One good thing leads to another. Always try to help people. Imagine if I had been selfish to my friends and colleagues or had that mindset, I wouldn’t be happy, or at peace. I’d always be afraid.”
Yogesh Chabria was always fascinated when he saw people who succeeded. “When I saw someone rich or successful I wouldn’t feel jealous, I would feel inspired. I used to go and ask them questions about their journey to success. Most of the time they used to share their secrets, which gave me a lot of insights.”
Yogesh has his parents, family & loved ones as his inspiration. “People might think I’ll get inspired by very successful people, but everybody can inspire. I take inspiration from everybody.”

Yogesh Chabria: What Life Taught Him and Lessons That Can Motivate People

Yogesh comes from a humble background. He sold toys as a 5-year old boy and took maths tuitions to make money. “Knowledge is more powerful than wealth. If you have the knowledge you can build up wealth. That is why I’m lucky that I was not born rich, otherwise, I would have not used my mind. As a 5-year-old when you are not rich, you have nothing to lose, whether I sell toys or comics.”
Yogesh Chabria truly believes in two things – ‘ME’, where the M is the mindset. He believes our mindset is very important, how one might react to situations, how one might take up challenges. And the second is E which stands for execution. “People think ideas are important, ideas are only one percent of the work while ninety-nine percent is execution. Most people won’t execute, they will be lazy to do it. Many times people ask me how to become a best-selling author. I tell them it’s very simple, just start writing.” 
Yogesh understands that failures make you strong. “If you want to do something, just do it. You might fail at it, but eventually, you will make it. I have also failed many times. Consider walking, nobody is there who walks today that hasn’t fallen.”
Yogesh thinks there will be demanding times when people will want to pull you down, sometimes from your extended family. When such situations come, it is very important to know how to proceed. “Whatever comes your way, turn it into an advantage. Ask yourself how can I benefit from this, in the beginning, it might be tough, if you aren’t getting an answer ask yourself another question. You will realize in everything you can find some benefit for yourself. Take action without fear.”

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