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You Had Me At Pizza! 5 Places Around The World That Have The Best Pizza’s Ever


Do we have a national dish? I guess we would all agree to the fact that pizza should be declared as the national dish of the country! Pizza is also known as happiness because an Italian flatbread loaded with cheese just gives us so much happiness and satisfaction! We are all so glad that it exists. If you feel the same way about pizza as i do, then this column is definitely for you ! Here are 6 places around that fulfill your pizza dream.

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1. Dough Boys Pizza, New York

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Why choose just one kind of pizza when you can have all? Dough Boys pizza’s specialty is putting all kinds of pizza slices together and converting it into one pizza so that you do not face the dilemma of choosing a pizza. They also serve breakfast pizza’s , what else do you even need in your life?

2. Krave It: Sandwich Shop And Eatery, Bayside

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Want to combine your favorite foods with pizza ? Well Krave It is the place for you ! They create all kinds of crazy pizza’s . They have officially made burger pizza a thing ! They have combined Fries, Nachos and all kinds of other foods with pizza ! People come here especially for their tater tot pizza ! Isn’t this just the best place for your taste buds !

3. Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Phoenix

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Lou Malnati’s pizzeria is famous for its Chicago deep dish pizza’s. They have the cheesiest and sauciest pizza’s. It is definitely a pizza lover’s dream come true. Just the sight of this pizzeria’s pizza will make you drool and fly to phoenix right now!

 4. Pizza Barn, Yonkers

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Pizza Barn is the home of the “SUPER-SLICE”. They specialize in making 2 feet long pizza’s and people come here specially for their pasta topped pizza that are the ” Homemade Penne Vodka Slice” and “Mac ‘n’ Cheese Slice”. Pizza Barn definitely celebrates the true spirit of Italy

5. Pizza Maru, Flushing

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Pizza Maru has changed the idea of pizza crusts completely. They specialize in stuffing their pizza crusts with different ingredients that can be cheese, potato, meat or anything that you would like them to fill in your pizza crust with! You will never be guilty of throwing pizza crusts away if you order pizza from Pizza Maru!

Travel The World Just For A Slice Of Pizza!


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