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Top 6 Kinds of Safaris

Safaris are common along the African Continent and viewing a variety of wild animals in their natural environment is what drives thousands of tourists to

Top 25 Rules Of Life

Life is a bitter-sweet journey. When it throws lemons at you, instead of pushing it away, make sweet lemonade out of it. Stress, depression, worries,

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letting go poems

10 Best Letting Go Poem To Read

Letting go of the one you have loved dearly is hard, but these letting go poem would help to ease the pain. Make these letting go

Romeo and Juliet Monologues

Top 5 Memorable Romeo and Juliet Monologues

The Elizabethan drama was fertile soil for creative experiments. It was an era of the European Renaissance’s flowering, giving creative liberty to playwrights like Christopher

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lake michigan beaches sunset

The Ultimate 8 Lake Michigan Beaches

Ah, the state of Michigan. Most of the Great Lakes have their border, including Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. In a

road trip essentials

21 Best Road Trip Essentials

When planning for an amazing road trip, hit the road with these Road trip essentials that can turn out to be life-saving sometimes. Road trips

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