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Are you looking for a virtual assistant? Someone to help you with SEO? Someone who can help you make those cold calls?

Don’t want to spend on expert hourly wages that leave nothing out for you?

We help you find affordable, high-quality skill sets for your business. 

Hire From Us the Smart Way!

Separating the wheat from the chaff can seem difficult. You have tons of different freelancing sites, but do they offer you the talent you need? Did you hire from a job site and are dealing with people with no

Here is where sites like freelancer.com go wrong – they just do NOT care about the quality of their freelancers.

Anyone can sign up to make money. At most, they go through a few tests online – which they can easily copy and cheat from. And without the required skillsets, they fail – more often than not.

So, how do you get a skilled workforce?

For one, why not trust someone who has been doing this for over a decade?

At Icy Tales, we train people from different niche, and make them job-ready.

When you hire, you hire full-timers with us – who will work for you.

And there are certain benefits to this approach –

  • No need to worry about payrolls > You just pay a flat fee each week/month to us
  • A versatile experienced workforce who are adept at judging different situations and responding appropriately
  • Good time-management and issue redressal system
  • Skilled and tested workforce from just $5 USD per hour.
  • You can also hire part-time, for a few hours each week (hourly rate will be more).
  • You can change/add/scale people when you need easily

Don’t spend hours and days searching online, only to be disappointed.

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Who do members hire from us?

  • Chat persons and virtual assistants
  • Adult niche chat persons for interacting with adult model fans (like from onlyfans.com)
  • Skilled data-entry work
  • SEO and link-building

We vet all through a rigorous screening process. For instance, our virtual assistants go through different tests which determines their ability to grasp instructions, their adherence to deadlines, how fast they work, and their aptitude.

Pay rate

Virtual assistants/ Chat –

Non-native countries – $6 USD per hour onwards

Native countries – $24 per hour onwards

SEO/Link-building –

Non-native countries – $10 USD per hour onwards

Native countries – $30 USD per hour onwards

Data entry –

Non-native countries – $5 USD per hour onwards

Native countries – $20 USD per hour onwards

Do-as-you-want –

Non-native countries – $8 USD per hour onwards (For all your little to-dos to save you time)

Native countries – $25 per hour onwards

Please email us at ceo@icytales.com to get your custom quote – we will love to hear from you! 

The Inspiration Behind It All

We train hundreds of writers every month to help them write better. And clients have regularly come to us for their writing needs. Till one day – clients asked for more – like if we had access to people who were also good at SEO, or virtual assistants who knew their job.

We work with people at the grassroots level, and train them – inside and out. For instance, writers who stay with us, know both on-page and off-page SEO as part of their training. It’s when we thought, why not help others meet their business objectives too?

We aren’t a regular recruitment agency. We stand behind our employees. And we only have a limited number of people available to work – who are tested and ready to go.

So, if we put you on the waitlist, please understand why that happened. And when you’ve someone to start with, you will not look behind.

Why not try us out?

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