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7 R’s to Live a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Though living a zero-waste lifestyle is highly connected with eco-friendly or sustainable

Narayani Bhardwaj By Narayani Bhardwaj

8 Timeless Outfit Ideas to Elevate Your Style

Fashion trends come and go, but some outfit ideas stand the test

Icy Tales Team By Icy Tales Team

How To Celebrate Christmas: 4 Sure Ways To Make Christmas The Best Time Of The Year. 

When Christmas is mentioned, what comes to mind? Lights on, carols, mistletoe,

Oge By Oge

Beginners Guide Through Makeup Application: How To Apply Burgundy Eye Shadow

There is always a colour for every season and sometimes every decade

Oge By Oge

Christmas Celebrations In India: How We Celebrate Christmas In India and Top 10 Places to celebrate Christmas in India

Many people around the globe look forward to Christmas, the most long-awaited

Oge By Oge

Why does Canada have 6 different time zones?

Do you know why Canada have 6 different time zones? At the

Oge By Oge

The Real Christmas Story

We are all well-versed in the birth of Jesus Christ, but numerous

Zainab Abbas Dhinojwala By Zainab Abbas Dhinojwala

5 Tips for Setting Fitness Goals This Summer

The warmer months often find us feeling more inspired to get out

Icy Tales Team By Icy Tales Team

Is It Cheaper to Pull a Tooth or Root Canal?

Visiting a dentist can be intimidating. Speaking from personal experience, I understand

Lucy By Lucy

What to Eat After Laparoscopic Surgery? – 7 Best Options

When we think about surgery, the first thing we consider is what


5 Simple Ways to Embrace Digital Detox in Your Life

Things like smartphones, computers, social media, and television have become an integral

Narayani Bhardwaj By Narayani Bhardwaj

Top 6 Ideas to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

In the world of sustainability where everybody is adopting eco-friendly ideas for

Narayani Bhardwaj By Narayani Bhardwaj

5 Excellent Tips to Grow Vegetable Garden in the City

Gardening sounds fun but what makes it sound better is "vegetable gardening1".

Narayani Bhardwaj By Narayani Bhardwaj

The Power of Meal Prepping: How Planning Ahead Changed My Eating Habits

Weekends are for relaxing, taking time off, and chilling and downtime. It

Anushree By Anushree

The Magic of Mornings: How Establishing a Morning Routine Transformed My Days

It feels very peaceful and soothing to sleep in till late to

Anushree By Anushree

How to Collect Addresses for Wedding? 4 Best Ways

A wedding is a joyous occasion that unites two individuals with love

Navani H Nagesh By Navani H Nagesh