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“Suicide Squad Joker: 9 Interesting Facts About the Iconic Character”

Discover the intriguing world of Suicide Squad Joker in this must-watch movie.

anshumaan By anshumaan

Black Christmas 2006 – Know Everything About It!

Black Christmas 2006 was a Canadian American slasher film. It was a

Karishma By Karishma

50 First Dates:15 Things to Learn from This Great Movie

What would you do if you fell in love with a person

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Animated Movies For Kids? These 5 Must-Watch Animated Movies

Just because you are a grown-up and have grown-up responsibilities does not

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Soul Track – 8 Hollywood’s Greatest Music Composers

The word goosebumps will be meaningless if a movie doesn't have a

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How Hollywood Movie-Making Becomes Virtual After Coronavirus

The pandemic influenced different aspects of our lives, and many industries stagnated.

Icy Tales Team By Icy Tales Team

Top 5 Movies that Have Sequels that We Love to Watch

The title "Top 5 movies that have sequels" can seem to be

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Top 13 Greatest Biographical Movies Ever Made

The stories of biographical movies are considered a great inspiration for many

Sneha Lodha By Sneha Lodha

8 Reasons Why Every Movie Buff Needs To Watch Nolan’s Films!

The people of this world are divided into three different categories: people

Vaishnavi Kulkarni By Vaishnavi Kulkarni

Everest (2015) – Honest Review

Everest is the closest I'll ever get to scaling the world's largest

Rahul Malpe By Rahul Malpe

Pirates of The Caribbean in Order- 8 Amazing Movies!

Captain Jack Sparrow once said, “Not all treasure is silver and gold,

Smruthi Pradeep By Smruthi Pradeep

30 Most Exciting Adventure Movies to Watch

There's nothing like the thrill of watching a good adventure movie. Set

Smruthi Pradeep By Smruthi Pradeep

How to Be a Latin Lover: Movie Plot, Cast, and Message

Movies are a source of entertainment and they also give intended or

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Top 5 Worst Bollywood Remake of Hollywood Movies

Indian movies have been making remakes of Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters for a

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10 Must Watch and Most Awaited Hollywood Movies of 2016

Hollywood is the bank that produces some mind-blowing films and has given

Harsh Thakkar By Harsh Thakkar

Django Unchained: An Intriguing World

Did you watch Django Unchained yet? Or, are you planning to watch

Riya Dennis By Riya Dennis

Night Wing: The Fan-Made Batman Spin-off You Should Watch ASAP

If you are one of those people who criticize fan-made series, then

Sushmita Panda By Sushmita Panda

Quick Highlights of Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer is one of the most engaging

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