Life Hacks

Annoyed about the little things in life? Well, you would thank us later with these amazing life hacks that help in making your life easier than ever.

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3 Pre-Loved Items for the Practical Shopper

Shopping for new things gives you a kind of thrill that can certainly “spark joy”, although fleetingly at times. If you’ve

Icy Tales Team August 26, 2021

Top Gifts to Offer to a Motorcycle Enthusiast This Year 

Having one of the most chaotic traffic in the world, it comes as no surprise that more and more Indians

Icy Tales Team June 26, 2019

Top Methods on How to Make Yourself Throw Up in 5 Seconds

Vomiting or throwing up has never been anybody’s favorite topic to discuss as it involves the gross factor of vomit!

Varsha Vallarian May 28, 2020
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