Our Policies/ Code of Ethics

At Icy Tales Ltd., we are proud of what we do, and we are behind our team. While we run several web properties, with nearly a million pageviews a month (As of Jan 21, 2023), we know how important it is for us to fulfil our responsibility as a trusted media source for all.

Your Responsibility When Partnering With Us

We only like to partner with companies and businesses who respect and value the work of others, and acknowledge their customers. So, we have our own Code of Ethics that we go by – and what we expect our partners to follow as well. 

As our partner, we appreciate what you mean to our business. With that being said, we do uphold higher standards for us – and our partners.

As a Canadian-based company, we want people to feel inclusive with us – whether they work with us, or when they use products and services from any of our partner’s businesses.

In that regard, we expect our partners to

  • Be inclusive as a workforce without discriminatory policies.  
  • Ensure equal opportunity and respect, protect and fulfil human rights obligations.
  • Value others’ work, whether it be an employee, freelancer or gig worker.
  • Not to indulge in scams and/or unethical practices.
  • Not try to defraud/scam users. 
  • No compromise on health and safety for their employees.
  • No misleading/untruthful claims.

While we are a small media business, we do try to do our bit to achieve a better world. By partnering with us, or advertising with us, you acknowledge that you run an ethical, responsible and race-friendly business.

In the event we determine that these standards are not being upheld, we, at our sole discretion, can undertake measures to mitigate such risks that have the potential to damage our reputation or pose possible risks to our audience.