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13 Effective Virtual Fundraising Ideas

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This article contains a list of useful virtual fundraising ideas. 

Fundraising is the act of raising voluntary financial contributions. Funds are raised for charity, specific causes, or other enterprises.

Today, the concept of virtual fundraising is rising in every field. Virtual fundraising is a non-profit online event seeking funds or donations.

Fundraising is important for non-profits. Many organizations, especially non-profits, have their prime goals to change the world by doing noble deeds for humanity, the environment, and wildlife.

Virtual fundraising ideas
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All have certain objectives to create awareness about one thing and avoid negligence to such areas of concern.

Making a difference and making the world a better place to live in needs support in areas of finance as well as work power.

To stabilize this need for support, non-profits benefit from fundraising, which is an impactful force in the process.

Non-profit fundraising brings registration and helps create awareness around a cause, and brings in volunteers who can help raise a voice for a cause or help spread the word.

Reasons why fundraising is important for non-profits?

Virtual fundraising ideas
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Fundraising is an integral part of many organizations in the long run and the establishment. Some reasons are as follows:

  • Fundraising helps further in the mission. Outside the motive to raise money for the cause, non-profit organizations have bills to pay. Hence money is a necessity.
  • Fundraising is also required to fulfill the upcoming year’s budget as it involves determining the salaries of employees, project planning, and the rent.
  • Fundraising helps spread the word, raising awareness and giving more limelight to the cause.
  • Fundraising is also a good way to reach new audiences.
  • Yearly fundraising can help your organization portray the impactfulness of your non-profits year after year to the masses. It can strengthen your marketing positions and assets.
  • Raising money and fund helps you demonstrate your charity and accomplishments. To accomplish the motive to raise funds, effective fundraising ideas need to be made. Fundraising strategy modifications have to be made. Raising funds can be challenging if you are a newly seeded non-profit organization.

Key points for raising funds:

    • Knowing the organization’s requirements: Examining the needs and demands of an organization is a must for efficient progress and attracting donors. One cannot ask for support unless they review and pinpoint the areas where they need the support.
    • Research the donors based on the equivalency of your non-profit organization. Checking databases and online directories, as well as going through websites of like-minded motive organizations, can help you reach the donor and fundraiser for your organization.
    • Enquiring partners, colleagues, friends, and current donors of the organization for suggestions.
    • Good networking and the establishment of strong public relations are a must before sending out the donation proposal of your organization. Persistence and consistency towards your reaching out skills are the need of your fundraising efforts.
    • If networking does not help you with the right person for the organization, handing out, an application can help you achieve your objective.
Virtual fundraising ideas
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Fundraising is a long-time endeavor and does not occur overnight.

Keep your research, outreach, proposal development, and other fundraising tasks active.

Fundraising helps many non-profits work together towards a common aim and goal with coordinative planning. It helps maintain the sustainability of the organization.

Many non-profits primarily dependent on peer-to-peer fundraising face a challenging hurdle due to the current covid pandemic engulfing the globe.

Peer to peer fundraising:

It is a multi-tier approach to crowdfunding. Non-profit organizations usually employ it.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the practice of having a non-profit’s supporters take part in an activity such as a walk, bike ride, or other real-life or virtual challenge and reach out to people for donations.

Few have experience making virtual efforts into campaigns that engage substantial numbers of people to raise substantial amounts of money.

A virtual fundraising event can help these non-profits more than the in-person event as social media can provide them with large exposure to multiple audiences and local businesses willing and with the same motive.

Virtual Fundraising:

It is a medium to generate donations using online media. It simply involves the usage of the online donation page, social media posts, digital platforms, and virtual events that could help raise non-profits.

Why is virtual fundraising important?

Virtual fundraising event allows donors easy access to secure and quicker donations of money complying with the social distancing norms.

Internet facility is accessible to the majority of people, and hence it makes it easier for people to make donations from across the country and the globe.

Key benefits of Virtual Fundraising:

  • Easier to organize
  • More accessible to a larger audience
  • It still allows raising money for the cause.
  • Maintaining contact with donors.
  • Cost-efficient
  • Ensuring safety to all those involved maintaining social distancing norms.
  • Easy collection from donors
  • Capturing information both regarding the donor as well as the non-profit organization.
  • Increase visibility and maintenance of transparency.
Virtual fundraising ideas
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Virtual fundraising strategy:

  • Assessing and Reviewing the current status of the organization.
  • Approval from board members over the discussion and modifications in the strategy.
  • Selection of the right donation tool.
  • Requires input from many departments and even donors.
  • Taking into consideration the cost, fees, and other procedures.
  • Promotion of the social pages to the donors
  • Recording the performance of the organization.
  • Offering recurring donations
  • Suggesting different giving levels

Effective Virtual Fundraising Ideas:

Due to various unavoidable circumstances, non-profit organizations sometimes have to cancel or delay their physical events. But that’s not the case with virtual events. Virtual events can be organized at any time, any place.

So, with the help of unique technology and a little imaginative thinking, there are still good ways for your non-profit to raise money.

Before getting into the concept of virtual fundraising, in whatever way it will be held, it’s significant to guarantee you have a genuine and reliable online donation platform, along with an attractive and functional website for the purpose.

Create a dedicated landing page for your virtual fundraiser with a solitary priority or goal. This will make it easier for the donor to know your motive and plan of action towards the cause. It will minimize their delays and get effective fundraising.

For a high-performing contribution landing page, you must have an eye-catching headline, appealing visuals, and lead with an apparent justification of your work and your purpose. It is a must if you want to catch the attention and gain the limelight for your organization.

Commendations and consequence statistics can also help improve your credibility and assemble trust. Building trust takes time. It requires correct usage of the right words in the right way to gain the trust towards your mission. The message should be clear, concise, and crisp.

Simple and Effective Virtual Fundraising Ideas

1. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual Gala Dinner

Galas describe a casual social outing or festival with a large guest list. It is one of the most attractive virtual fundraising ideas. Gala events can help enhance their brand reputation and gain potential investors, donors of high-end clients for the organization.

Virtual gala allows the involvement of fundraisers through the internet instead of in person.

One can conduct an online auction platform, live stream, or video stream using social media or peer-to-peer fundraising. Virtual gala does not require a big production firm.

2. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual Event

One of the most preferred virtual fundraising ideas is an online event. Online events will involve some call to action for the donors and the mission the organization has undertaken.

Online events can be conducted for virtual dance, virtual race, walk, marathon, ride-a-thon. Virtual race and rides can be a great workout and would further spread the word of maintaining social distance and health at the same time.

It can give the audience over the social media platforms the freedom to choose their own time and allow flexibility. One can encourage the donor to record a video or take a picture tagging your organization and mission over their social media handles.

The virtual event will not only spread the word but also will gain more outreach and raise money.

3. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual Movie Night

One of the easiest and most enjoyable virtual fundraising ideas for non-profits is movie nights. Virtual movie night is a virtual event that can get non-profits a wider audience. It is also easier to organize.

Although it seems like a recreation, more likely, one should maintain focus over the cause. While promoting the virtual event, one should take care of the choice of movie they make.

It should be more related to your mission. It should be entertaining and informative. In addition to this, you could keep a donate option or registration fee as per the organization’s motive in place of tickets.

Live chats on social media could also be kept to allow a conversation and facilitate discussion over the cause.

4. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual Concerts

Live concerts were once a great recreation. However, sometimes live concerts can be hectic. So, an alternative is much needed.

A mini virtual concert or virtual awards ceremony can be conducted to raise awareness and accomplish the fundraising goals of non-profits. Bringing musicians and artists with the same vision should be approached. It would create a wider potential reach.

For this, the virtual event page or donation page should be created where the tickets or registration fee for the virtual concert could be bought for the live event.

This could help raise funds for the mission. This is one of the most favorite virtual fundraising ideas.

5. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Online Auction

One of the most involved in virtual fundraising ideas is an online auction. An online shop has to be maintained for such events where products from local businesses can be checked, and bids can be made on.

Also, the donation page can be made to allow fundraising revenue to be paid. The virtual auction will allow a larger audience approach since online shopping has a greater social media takeover.

This would involve too much coordination amongst the board members of the organization. Take a moment to allow donors to understand the cause of your mission behind the virtual auction.

This will help ensure that they feel personally connected to the mission and help you raise funds through your linked donation pages to the online store and accomplish fundraising goals.

6. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual book club

This is one of the best virtual fundraising ideas. Social media has allowed multiple live events to stream online. Holding fundraising events such as virtual book clubs has become easier, allowing a wider audience network.

The virtual fundraiser needs to be encouraged to hold this weekly or monthly. It would involve discussions over social media.

It involves interactive author talks, online meetings, and chat groups. Book clubs are good for one and all. It connects readers during social distancing. This is one of the great online fundraising ideas to raise money.

7. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual Fundraising Campaign

People spend a lot of their money on the internet and their time on social media. Thereby using these social media as virtual fundraising events platforms to raise money seems like a good idea.

High-quality images and videos help you effectively tell stories. Lead your followers to your donation page through social media posts, and be sure to take advantage of platform capabilities created specifically with non-profits in mind.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow individuals and organizations to create a virtual fundraiser and gather support for a specific cause.

You can plan out strategic fundraising ideas for a virtual awareness campaign and the board members to attract a large audience and increase online donations.

8. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Social Media Takeover

This is one of the virtual fundraising ideas that are quite trending nowadays. It involves organizing a social media takeover of a sponsor, influencer, or celebrity willing to donate their social media accounts for a day.

With this, the team of board members of the non-profits can post content throughout the day that links back to the organization’s donation page to raise money. This increases visibility to the audience who don’t know about your organization.

The non-profits can also allow their social media takeover by some influencer, celebrity, or well-known expert who can invite their followers to the organization’s social media or donation page and promote the online fundraising campaign.

9. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Giving Day

Creating a virtual event center and distributing gifts to supporters who donate to your non-profit foundation pages to raise money for your mission is an interesting idea.

The gifts can be anything from books, art, and craft, home decor, discount coupons in exchange for donations made through live stream.

Since social media is quite of high-end use to online fundraising, you could also offer access to exclusive webinars, podcasts, a digital book, or a free consultation session. This would gather a large audience for your virtual campaign.

Online fundraising has made such virtual campaigns and gift giving a lot easier and manageable, which provides the virtual fundraiser with a reasonable opportunity for fundraising revenue.

10. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual Craft Workshops

Crafting is an excellent way to get your supporters engaged, and it can also provide much-needed entertainment for families.

Keeping in mind the simplicity of craft, a donation page can be created where a registration fee needs to be made to become a part of the virtual craft workshop as a fundraising event. This could create a virtual happy hour for all those idling away their time sitting at the boredom of their houses.

This would keep them engaged, and you can convince them to be a donor to your non-profit organization and create awareness about your cause by organizing the fundraising campaign or fundraising event.

The social platforms should be actively involved and use such workshops to promote what they are missing.

11. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Matching Gifts Donations

Matching gift campaigns are especially effective mid-fundraising campaigns if and when you notice that donations are starting to taper off since they keep the excitement and momentum going.

Donors love to know that their money has the most impact possible, and with matching gifts, they’re essentially giving two gifts for the “price” of one.

This virtual event can create a virtual happy hour in the run of fundraising campaigns through a live stream portraying the success of your virtual fundraising event to the local community.

Reach out to local or national companies, and ask if they’ll match a percentage of donations you receive during a specific period. This is particularly effective if you have strong relationships with specific local businesses or larger companies through your board members.

12. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Virtual Cooking Class

This virtual event would attract a large audience since most food lovers watch and await such opportunities. It provides local businesses to enhance their market as well as profit your audience range.

The virtual cooking class can be given a boost with live stream and chat discussion. At the same time, you can use this time by making donors know the real motive behind this fundraising event to happen.

Such virtual events are more likely to get a hit, and more virtual fundraising can take their place.

You can also provide the links now and then in the chats to the fundraising page to make donations.

13. Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Interactive Webinars and Virtual tours

Organizations, mostly the non-profit ones, host engaging webinars to nurture and keep their audiences up to date through a virtual conference. This helps them give a better understanding and vision of your mission.

Webinars and talks can be effective virtual fundraising tools, along with being informational. Reach out to orators, specialists, or community supervisors, and ask them to arrange webinars/talks related to your goal or current events over a virtual conference.

They’d allot their mastery, and you’d reprimand your supporters a small payment to access the webinar or meeting, which is one of the most used virtual fundraising ideas in online media.

Virtual tours to places related to your mission and cause through a live stream can also move donors to make donations and increase your virtual fundraising. This will give them a better idea as to where they are donating.

So now you are all set with 13 of the most effective virtual fundraising ideas. You can plan out and host any of these events if you have a mission and need funds.

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