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15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You

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Do you think your gf is cheating on you? Love is all about questing after the right person to fill our other half in a better way. We might not find the perfect stereotyped person with similar interests that you can get along so well with them. (Hey, you like pineapple toppings on pizza? Oh my goodness, I like it too!—ahem! Not happening.)

Moreover, it’s not even the so-called “love at first sight” that gets you the right partner. It’s the TIME. The longer you spend time together being officially in love or friends with them, the stronger and deeper the bond gets. In the long run, you would have many immature arguments, foolish talks, and many misunderstandings. After all, you would get to know the actual personality of them and accept them for what they are.

15 Warning Signs That Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

What if this search for the right ones to come into your life goes all wrong? What if you start finding things unusual and that you love her too much to suspect? Worry not, if you think she’s cheating on you, here you go with the 15 warning signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

1. You Will Not Get Any Notifications

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 1


Yes, yes, you have got a notification, your mobile phone vibrated, and you heard the notification tone but not from your beloved baby. There seem to be a drastic fall from your never-ending late night 2 a.m. conversations to hardly two minutes of talk even after dragging. So, it’s probably about a dumping alert than a notification alert, and may be that your gf is cheating on you.

2. Your GF is Cheating on You If She Starts Finding You Cheesy

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 2


You: Honey! Do you want to hear a pizza joke?

She: what?

You: I can’t tell you, it’s way too much cheesy..haha

She: can you please stop being freaking cheesy for God’s sake? >:(

You: what the ham!!!

Your warm breath could no longer make her feel the caress on her cheek. Your jokes can no longer tickle her. Your compliments could turn her cheeks Red no more. She would no longer take your glib flattery seriously rather get serious at it. Your hugs with peck on the neck or holding hands could no longer initiate the release of the love hormone, oxytocin. And basically, the pleasure is not going to remain longer anymore. Uh-oh, now that it seems all cheesy to her.

3. Girlfriend is Cheating if Late Replies is All You See

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 3

You will start noticing her spending more time on social media than usual. You would apparently find her online all the time but get late replies varying from five minutes to five days or it even takes forever to get a text back since the time you texted her. If she said “Bye!”, ends the chat by 10:00 p.m. and then you woke up to the next day only to see her “last seen at 2:00 a.m.”, um, left up to your questioning skills but beware of it.

4. She Starts Being “Uncool” with Your Friends

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 4

She will find no time to join you while you are hanging out with your friends and find an important meeting or a parlor appointment too at the same time. She’ll start it all by slowly unfollowing all your friends and hey, warn yourself before you get into that list. What’s the point in being cool with your friends, laughing at their jokes, spending time, and partying with them when she doesn’t like you in the first place.

5. No Comfortable Silences and Small Talks May Mean Your GF is Cheating on You

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 5


This warning sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you is a very important and a tough one to deal with. Small talks are usually meant to make you more friendly and comfortable in silence and these conversations would be about nothing very deep and complicated but just all unimportant things.

Now see, you are having neither small talks nor comfortable silences because she is probably getting exhausted on talking to you with no vital reason and you think she is kind of avoiding you, well, it’s damn hard man. So, if you are going through these tough times then the reason behind this is that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

6. Brawls to Decide Which Restaurant or Series to Binge On

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 6

You will get to go through many disputes just to decide on which restaurant to go, which cuisine to eat this weekend, which genre of series to watch, and many other little things which you found to be not even a bit difficult to align your interests in the beginning.

7. She’ll No Longer Agree to Re-watch LA LA LAND Over and Over

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 7

That romantic musical film which never failed to give you guys a very intense feel to admire your cute love fails now. It’s not the film’s fault though.

She’ll not be interested in watching it rather finds it too boring and recurring. The essence in your love seems to be lost.

8. Your Interests Won’t Mean Anything to Her

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 8

This is a really important warning sign says that your girlfriend is cheating on you. It feels like those were all good old days where we both used to make decisions together in no time. There are times when we used to leave choices to each other to decide on everything.

Now that your interests would actually seem like barriers for her free will and Independence. She’ll never feel like cooking what you like or never buy a dress you select.

9. Those Nice Warm Cuddles Slowly Become Curses

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 9

You’ll not get those one-arm hugs when you meet or quick little hugs when you leave. Those times when she hugs you whenever she felt low or happy stops happening. She’ll apparently don’t feel the warmth and comfort in wrapping her arms around you and putting her head on your chest.

She starts cussing you for no reason and looks like PMSing all the time. You don’t seem to be attractive to her. No. Not anymore.

10. Little Things Matter No More

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 10

She’ll find your caring to be too much. She’ll find your concern for her to be too less. She either consider all your deeds to be overrated or underrated, nothing neutral.

You, brushing back her hair when she’s in a hectic work can be an addition to her irritation. Your foresight for her safety seems unnecessary. Like, seriously, what matters at the end of the day is the cuteness and love in the little things and if they’re no longer adorable, there lies no love.

11. She Stops Calling you ‘Honey Bunny’

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 11

That cute nickname she used to call you will just remain as a contact name of you in her address book. She’ll never feel like calling you with your nickname but just your name. Your ears hear the call but your heart never feels it. Yes, your gf is cheating on you, perhaps.

12. She Turns Down Your Playlist

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 12

She starts to not like your taste of music. If you play a soothing love song on a night drive back from a beautiful candlelight dinner, (which was all outta your interest) she would totally find it mockingly sentimental, yeah sappy, and gets the world peace only when she changes the song. She’ll also find all your jokes to be lame and over the top.

It’s not a great feeling to find that your gf is cheating on you.

13. She’ll Not Dress up Beautifully

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 13

Whenever you ask her out for a movie or a restaurant, she’ll never dress up like before. She’ll just put on a very casual pair of jeans and tee, spruce up herself a bit, and throws herself into the car. There are no more beautiful Red frocks or hot body fits.

14. Everything Seems Exciting to Her if it’s Not You

15 Warning Signs that Tell Your GF Is Cheating on You 14

She keeps finding reasons to stay away from you. She tries hard to excavate and unbury the reasons to say she has to deal with that welled up work burden which is a date with “him” in real. It may mean that your GF is cheating on you.

She keeps complaining and comparing you with others for every pointless twopenny-halfpenny thing. She starts avoiding you so that she can have her “other” fun and every other thing seems to be damn exciting, anything apart from you.

15. A Sudden Need for Privacy and Space Surfaces

gf is cheating

She doesn’t feel comfortable while using her mobile around you and hesitates to show you that viral funny video on the internet as message notifications would pop up. She’ll suddenly find you insecure and needs more privacy. She no longer gives you her Netflix account details. 😀 She doesn’t share her daily plans or where she is going and spares no time for you when she’s actually free.

So, is your Girlfriend Cheating on You?

If you find her with a new behavior out of the blue and she’s not your same old love anymore, these 15 warning signs that your gf is cheating can help. Talk to her to know the problems – and ensure you find out what’s causign the trouble.

It may be that she isn’t cheating on you, but have other problems that you need to address – immediately. What are those warning signs you connected yourself with? Did you find out your girlfriend is cheating on you in any of your past relationships?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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