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8 Signs That Prove You Are A Bookworm.

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“I love books. I love that moment when you open one and sink into it. You can escape from the world into a story that’s way more interesting than yours will ever be.”

Elizabeth Scott

In this world of advancing technology, people have forgotten the impact that books have on our lives. Various gadgets have replaced them, and people prefer watching movies and partying over sitting at home and reading a nice book. Most people, in today’s time, fail to understand the feeling one gets when you hold a new book in your hands, when you smell the intoxicating smell of that book and when you flip through the pages and transport yourself into a world of imagination and creativity. It’s sad, really, that we don’t do that anymore.

But if your life is all about books and you cannot live without them, congratulations! You are one of the few lucky enough people to be called a bookworm, and these 8 signs are a part of who you are.

1. Your bookshelf is full, but your closet is empty.


When given a choice, you will choose to buy a book over clothes any day. As a result, your wardrobe seems empty while your bookshelf is full of books. The fact is: you don’t even care. You feel happy when you see your shelf full of books.

2. The first items you pack when traveling are books.


How will you even survive the long flight and the vacation if you don’t have at least half a dozen books by your side? Just thinking about it gives you nightmares. The first thing you do when you start packing is to put all your favorite books in your bag. You might fall short of clothes but falling short of books? That’s a disaster!

3. You often fall asleep while reading. 


This is the problem that every bookworm faces—the battle between sleeping and finishing the book. You cannot just put down the book and go to sleep before knowing what happens to your favorite character. Result: You have bloodshot eyes, or worse, you actually fall asleep before completing it.

4. You have no problem staying in to read instead of going out.


While your friends are planning which places they are going to party this weekend, you are counting the number of books you will finish reading. You, on your bed, with a book you love, and a cup of coffee is your idea of a perfect day instead of going out and interacting with people you don’t even like.

5. You love men/women who read and who wear glasses.


Your idea of a perfect man/woman is not someone who has six-pack abs or is an eye-candy, but someone who reads, and if he/she wears glasses, you are completely swooning over them already. Don’t underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary.

The formula goes like this:

You read + You wear glasses = We are already married in my head with both of us owning a library and living happily ever after.

6. While reading one book, you are already trying to decide which book to read next.


There are so many books in this world and so little time! You have to read everything, which often leads to you thinking about the next book that you will read when you haven’t even completed the one you are reading.

7. You prefer not to sell books.


“You know that other people should be allowed to read the books, and you should either give them away or sell them blah blah.” But they are your books. Even though your mother gives you deathly stares every time, you buy a new book and a lecture that there is no space in the house for all your books, but still, you cannot do it! They are your babies. You’d rather take them to your grave than commit the horrendous crime of selling them to someone.

8. You are secretly dating half of the characters from the books.


How does the author know what kind of man/woman you really desire? How can someone be so perfect!? If only they were real! But no worries, you are already dating them secretly inside your head!

Are you a bookworm? Let us know in the comment section!

Until then, happy reading.

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Nuvita Kalra. 19. Law Student. Bookworm. She believes in simple living and high thinking.

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