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The Pimple Issue

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Young woman with pimples on her face
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How many of us enjoy the idea of waking up to a pimple? Well, I know that’s a ridiculous question to ask, but then – it just made the fact, ‘everyone hates it’ clear to everyone.

Waking up to a tomato-sized pimple on your face is probably one of the top 10 worst things that can happen to you. Hell, it must be in the top 3. Your confidence to face the day completely dissolves in thin air. Hate that feeling, don’t we?

While it’s obvious that we are indeed going to have a bad day with the disgusting spot on our face, but here are some things people say that can have the potential to make our day worse. Have a look:

  • What is that on your face?
    A potato is a potato. You don’t ask someone to confirm that it is. If you know it’s a pimple, don’t ask. How inconsiderate can you be; you’re simply making the person more aware of that ugly spot on his face. And yes, it doesn’t help. If they’re comfortable enough, they will speak about it.
  • It’s still there?
    Yes, for the 101st time – it’s still there. And sorry to disappoint you, I can’t move it around my face if that’s what you wanted me to do.
    Pimples are a result of excess oil being trapped in pores on the skin. It takes days for a pimple to disappear completely – hoping it won’t leave a black spot. Till then, could you have patience, my child?
  • Dude, stop masturbating.
    Most of us had pimples, and this specific question is why we wish to kill some people in their sleep. Girls, take a sigh of relief. This case has only been noted in boys. There can be reasons like hormonal imbalance, unhygienic conditions, unhealthy food habits, and stress – but what do we ask about? Of course, masturbation.
    Only in very rare cases has it been observed that masturbation triggered zit growth. Remember – it’s rare.
  • Here, let me tell you how to wash your face.
    Sure, teach them how to do something that they probably have been doing ever since they discovered that pimple on their face. A couple of tips from your personal experience might sound good. But no teaching.

An asian woman washing her face
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  • Why don’t you pop it?
    And I shall show up tomorrow with four more.
    It is strictly recommended by doctors and skin specialists NOT to pop zits at all. As disgusting as they look and make you feel, popping them can increase their growth dramatically.
    Bottom line – Let the pimple run through its life span.

A woman popping her pimple
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  • Let’s hangout
    When you have a bad ‘pimple’ day, the only thing you want to do is maybe run away to your home and sleep, hoping that the next time you wake up, it’s vanished.
    Whereas hanging out with close friends may actually help sometimes.
  • Selfie
    One word – overflowing emotions. Probably the only point that is self-explanatory.
    No doubt, the only thing worse than having a pimple is capturing it.

A young beautiful woman taking a selfie
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Well, now I think we have an audience who can relate to every point listed out. At the end of the day, it’s just a pimple.

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