Based out of the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver, British Columbia, we are an entertainment portal that aims to bring a change to how we perceive news. 

Icy Tales offers contributors a chance to showcase intriguing stories and articles designed to inspire. We help writers and poets talk about their life stories and life-changing events. You get first-hand experience from people as they do things – and it shows in the articles they write. Know how our writers became aurora hunters, turned to being a vegan, or just found out the best shows they should watch.

Our in-house writers, on the other hand, look to inform our readers of what’s happening around them, from local to international news, to travel stories to travel tidbits.

With an ethos grounded in delivering impactful content, Icy Tales embodies a journalistic integrity that is reflected in its comprehensive editorial process. This process ensures accurate, fact-based reporting and includes a robust method for making corrections transparently. The publication adheres to a strong ethics policy, guiding its mission to provide honest and compelling journalism.

Editorial Standards to Ensure Correctness and Relevancy

Having an online community and managing it can be tough. That’s why the team at Icy Tales understands the importance of precision in writing, and therefore, has in place a diligent editing process to ensure the accuracy of all content. Opinion pieces are clearly labeled to distinguish them from news, giving readers a well-defined path to the insights they seek. Icy Tales values the voices of those they write about, offering sources and story subjects the opportunity to respond and engage in the narrative.

Community engagement is central to Icy Tales’ ethos, with the publication consistently offering its readers avenues to discuss and react to content, fostering a dynamic reader-writer relationship. Every article features clear bylines, offering transparency about who is behind the story and maintaining trust with the audience.

Adherence to Journalistic Standards

  • Icy Tales has a structured editorial routine to guarantee factual reporting.
  • There’s a transparent procedure to amend articles and publicly acknowledge errors.
  • Impartial, free and bias-free reporting.
  • An editing system is in place to enhance the precision of reports.
  • Opinion articles are distinctly identified to avoid confusion with news.
  • Individuals mentioned in reports have the opportunity to contribute their perspectives.
  • The audience is encouraged to participate in discussions about the content.
  • Authorship is clear, with bylines provided for each story.