Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists

Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 1

Afterlife or Life beyond the walls of death. What is it exactly? Is it an illusion or is there truly another life just past the apparent death? Well, here are some real incidents to prove the reality behind the concepts of an afterlife. Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 2

  • Dr. Eben Alexander

Dr. Eben Alexander-
“Communication was telepathic without the needs of words”.

Yes! A neurosurgeon of Harvard expressed his real encounter with AFTERLIFE. Dr. Eben like any other person had a very skeptic notion about the afterlife. He never actually thought that it was something real until experiencing it when he slipped into a coma (7 days) after getting diagnosed with severe bacterial Meningitis. Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 3He confessed that there is afterlife or in medical terms NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. He even published a book named “Proof Of Heaven” , where he had explained the concept, both philosophically and medically. Dr. Eben said that, the place, where he went when he was in coma, was dominated by love and had no scope for evil or negative vibes. The episodes of the afterlife were completely real, and the life we are leading on earth is entirely artificial in comparison to that of the afterlife! Here is the link to his interview and explanation on Afterlife in medical terms.

Dr. Eben Alexander


  • According to the research done by the Scientists at The University of Southampton, about 40% of the people had this Near Death Experience or the feeling of afterlife! One such case is of a man (name unknown), who was able to recall everything even after leaving his body. Starting from how he was revived from his death to all the conversations the doctors had while operating him. Medically it is said that the brain can’t function if the heart stops functioning, and as per information the person’s heart was not responding for three minutes. So, how did he know about all the happenings?? AFTERLIFE I guess!
    Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 4
  • Anita Moorjani-

Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 5

Detected with cancer she had lost all her will to live and also refrained from any conventional medical treatments. Her doctor informed her family that the Lymphoma had spread all over her body and now it was impossible to save her. And thus on February 2nd 2006, she slipped into coma for 3 days. But after 3 days, Anita was a totally different person, she regained her will to live and her notions about life and cancer were all positive. She expressed that in these 3 days ( while in coma) she experienced many unconventional things, like meeting her dead father and best friend who actually urged her to live and fight against this deadly disease.Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 6 Even, to make it more realistic, Anita said that she heard every bit of the conversations that took place both inside and outside her room. Today she is living a happy and healthy life and is the author of the best-selling book “Dying To Be Me”.

  • Colton Burpo- 

Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 7

At the age of 4 Colton’s mind encountered the Near Death Experience! After his recovery, he told his parents some unbelievable facts which led them to accept that yes, there is life after death. Colton claimed that he met Jesus, John The Baptist, and some of his family members who passed away much before he was born, and also his unborn sister that his mother lost during her miscarriage. And his parents were shocked because they never revealed this sad fact to him, ever! A movie was also made based on this true life incident, called- Heaven Is For Real. Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 8A book with the same name Heaven is for real- A little Boy’s Astounding Story Of His Trip To Heaven And Back by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent was also written.

So, these were some of the real life cases of NDE (Near Death Experience) or Afterlife. Whether Afterlife exists or not, itself is a debatable topic, and writing an article is yet another challenging aspect. I believe after reading some of these case histories, you will definitely look up about its existence and truth.If you know some more interesting facts supporting Afterlife , do share with us! Thank you.Top 4 Incidents That Prove After-Life Exists 9


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