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Are you planning to try out whitewater rafting this year but don’t know the perfect destination for it? Then Poconos is the place for you. Best tourist spot in Pennsylvania, its esthetic environment seeks attention from worldwide travelers making it a perfect place to enjoy the honeymoon, group, or solo day out. The region is famous for its classic resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Its also known for offering outdoor adventures like bike rides, water sports, and site-seeing.

Poconos Scenic beauty
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Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Outdoor adventures are nothing without water sports. If you want to create a memorable day with your family and friends, a rafting trip would be best for the same. Before moving further, let’s understand some basic concepts about this water adventure.

What is rafting?

Rafting is a pleasure-seeking outdoor activity that uses an inflated raft to navigate a river or any other water body. While doing this sport, we will also enjoy the beautiful scenery that helps in generating heart-to-heart connections with nature. This sport is done in six different grades depending upon the river flow and bumpy areas.

Whitewater rafting
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When it comes to the first-grade rafting, the water flow would be less with few bumpy areas; hence no maneuvering is needed. Second-grade or ii whitewater rafting will have a more bumpy surface than the first-grade, will also have water waves that would require maneuvering. These two grades are best suited for beginners, school groups, the whole family, and kids ages four and more.

The real whitewater rafting begins with iii rapids with medium water waves that require maneuvering. It is danger-free as compared to the levels yet to come. It’s suited for beginners with proper guidance. As we enter into the fourth grade, the overall attitude of whitewater rafting changes more like an adventure. Repeated rapids will create large waves which require sharp maneuvering; the surface will be bumpier with rocks. Usually, these grades are best suited for trained ones, but beginners can also try them with proper guidance.

The fifth and sixth grades are the most anticipated version of whitewater rafting. In these levels, the raft has to deal with large waves and unpassable rapids on an uncertain bumpy surface that requires accurate maneuvering. These are best suited for professionally trained ones.

Whitewater rafting in Poconos

Pocono Mountains, a place is known for its scenic beauty, situated in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, would be a perfect whitewater rafting trip. The passing scenery and Delaware river gap make the Pocono whitewater trip a great outdoors for those who love nature. Another fascinating thing about the Pocono whitewater trip is that you could enjoy a cozy picnic lunch with your family or friends.

Whitewater Rafting Trips

  1. Kittatinny Canoes

This site has been running on the Delaware River for over 80 years. It is a family-owned river adventure site by Dave Jones. To provide peculiar whitewater rafting trips, they strategically plan their locations and bestows us with the most variant ones that are vivid, special, and beautiful, making it the best riverfront camping.

The Speciality of Delaware River

  • Season-long whitewater rapids in crystal clear water.
  • Frequent water releases from a natural source that maintains the river flow.

Why Kittatinny Canoes?

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Kittatinny Canoes resides in the Pocono mountains provides scenic beauty trips that are suitable for family and friends. They provide group-style whitewater rafting that can hold up to six people. It offers some leisure time for those who want to lay back for a sunbathe in the wilderness of Pocono mountains. While enjoying the breathtaking panorama of Catskill mountain, you will get a chance to paddle beneath the cliffs and striking rock formations. During summer, they offer Lackawaxen river rafting trips on specific release days where you can enjoy class II and III degrees rapids.

2. Lehigh gorge state park

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Lehigh gorge state park offers the best whitewater rafting adventures for those who want to enjoy a family-style whitewater in the wilderness of Lehigh river. You will also get a chance to experience the raw nature filled with a steep-walled gorge with thick vegetation and waterfalls since they provide attractive whitewater boating for the same.

Here, on the Lehigh river, they mainly offer class II and III style whitewater rafting. Suitable for beginners accompanied by a skilled trainer.

3. Jim Thorpe River Adventures

Jim Thorpe river adventure offers three basic levels:

  • Introduction to whitewater: Here, they groom people who genuinely wish to try some river adventures but have no prior knowledge of the same. Skilled guides are available for the training session where they cover up almost every aspect of selected water sport. This level is not mandatory for amateurs, so feel free to choose yours.
  • Mild Water: This level is for everyone but still best for family-style whitewater. Here, the river flow is calm, with no bumpy surface that gives a smooth ride. If you wish to tag along with small kids, then this level is perfect for you guys. Kids aging from four are permitted to do maneuvering at the Jim Thorpe.

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  • Huge Water: This level serves the best challenging whitewater in Poconos. It takes place in the Lehigh gorge state park, where the Lehigh river releases rough waves that give a power-pack effect on the rafters, which is fun and exciting. Kids aging from eight are permitted so, these are apt for family-style whitewater with proper guidance.

4. Pocono Whitewater

Here, we can choose our own wave pace during the dam release weekend. For those who wish to experience class I and II degrees; in the Lehigh River, this location suits you the best. Often advised visiting Lehigh River for the best whitewater in the tri-state area. They provide skilled trainers for our guidance, who demonstrates some team-building exercises that are fun and useful. If you wish to enjoy a power-pack water sport in the wilderness of the Pocono Mountains, this is it.

Added Feature

Relevance of Paddling

  • Water sports are all about precise navigation and spontaneity. The riders should possess insight into the wave patterns and act according to the pace. One should be prepared to face sudden surprises without spoiling the pleasure element.
  • Paddling is good for body muscles; it increases the strength of arms, legs, chest, shoulders, torso, and back due to the pressure applied while maneuvering.
  • Unity and trust are the two important key points of maneuvering; trained guides make us do some activities before entering into the real sport that teaches the necessity of team building and unity. The training lessons are also applicable in our daily life; get an insight into the importance of building a relationship and live in harmony.

Importance of Attire

  • Cotton and synthetic clothes absorb more water; wet clothes’ weight can easily affect the rider’s balance while maneuvering. So, non-synthetic clothing is perfect for the same since it absorbs less water and dries fast.
  • Full sleeve tops and pants are advisable to get rid of sunburns.
rafting equipment
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Additional Points

  • Wearing a life jacket should be the foremost priority before immersing yourself in a water sport since it prevents us from drowning.
  • Do some warm-ups before the sport since water sports need high physical strength and power. Some regular stretches and exercises can increase muscle strength and avoid sudden cramps or body pain.
  • Always prepare a small kit of snacks and water since water sports take up lots of energy so, these kits will act as a lifesaver.
  • For sensitive skin, make sure to use sunscreen high in SPF( 30 or more) and sunglasses.

People consider water stunts as extreme sports because of their visual representation. Every adventurous stunt will have some risk elements but, that doesn’t mean one should never try it out, instead collect as much as possible information regarding the selected sport from an authentic source and go for it. Anyone can experience it with proper guidance. Never fall for the usual taboos like only physically fit people are allowed to do water stunts, skilled and trained are given priorities. Etc are nonsense. There are no such rules; anyone can have a taste of its ecstasy.

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Whitewater rafting is all about coordination, unity, spontaneity, effort, and pleasure. Experiencing such a sport will teach us definite life lessons that can improve our daily survival. This sport also gives insight into a person’s passion for creativity and how they work hard for it.

The sport also reminds us that patience and practice make everything possible and lively. The hazardous stones and giant waves remind us of our life troubles and teach us to overcome them with a great smile. This activity also helps us to connect with nature, making us fall in love with the wilderness.

So, if you are planning to visit Poconos or already residing near Poconos, make sure to try whitewater rafting at least once with your loved ones. Get rid of all your worries with one splash, encounter the heavy waves with a pleasant mind for a smooth and leisure ride.

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