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Are You Having A Bad Week?

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One bad day can ruin your mood. Just think about the damage a bad week can do. It’s like, the whole universe is conspiring against you. You try to handle one situation when you find out that something else has happened to make your life more miserable. Things keep happening the entire week which may make you want to run away and scream out loud. But then, you cannot do that. You have responsibilities to take care of. Now that things are screwed, you need to fix them too, hence, increasing your work. 


That all of these incidents are happening one after another is not just a mere co incidence. The first few incidents might be a work of fate. These incidents distract you. You are now not able to concentrate on your work at hand. You are careless, and another mishap occurs. You are frustrated now. You misbehave with people around you and argue with them for no reason. You do not know how to fix things now. You feel so depressed that you do not even want to get up from your bed. You feel suffocated and helpless. Self-pity makes things worse.

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The mishaps do not matter at the end of the day. They can be fixed. Later, you can tell your friends about it and laugh at the whole thing. What does matter is your reaction to the event? Getting depressed and indulging in self-pity is the easier path to take. What needs to be done, however, is to shake these feelings off and bounce back. No matter what obstacles come in our way, you need to find a way to go around them. This won’t be possible if one loses their calm. That will only lead to more confusion. We cannot just blame God or Fate for our misfortune, sit back and sulk. We need to fix our problems and move on.

We tend to think more about the negative things in our life and ignore the little positive things. Those happy little things are the ones who can make the process of moving on easier for us. Another thing that is going to help a lot is to talk about the problems. One might feel like they can deal with it all alone. We are social animals. We need to share with people. Talking about one’s problems, spending some time with loved ones can make things so much better. One can also try taking a break from all the work and let do things that can relax their mind. Paint, take a bath, listen to sings, shop- whatever calms you down.


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