Black Holes Do Not Actually Exist!

Black Holes Do Not Actually Exist! 1

black holeNASA, one of the most famous and successful space agency, recently started to have doubts about the theory of black holes.

Recently, the flares of X-rays has been observed coming from black holes. This, however, denies the general definition of the black holes that says “a black hole is a region in space, where the gravity pull is so much, that even light can not get out,” as it is explained on NASA’s website.

In fact, there should not be any light, nor x-ray inside the critical circumference of a black hole.

black hole1

Two of the space telescopes used by NASA caught an incredibly enormous burst of X-ray coming out of a supermassive black hole, reported the American space agency. These flares were apparently caused by the eruption of a charged particle coming out from the black hole.

Black Hole Produced a Molecule

In other words, the black hole distributed a molecule! But the conventional theory supports the fact that black holes absorb everything and do not let anything get out.


The Findings are in Agreement With an Indian Astrophysicist

 Abhas Mitra, claims that “the black holes are actually ultra hot balls of fire like our Sun,” as wrote. Abhas Mitra was the head of theoretical astrophysics in Mumbai, at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Currently, he works as Adjuncts Professor at the Homi Bhabha National Institute.

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Gas streams pulled inward by gravity, get scorchingly hot by friction and may radiate X-rays, he explains about his theory on black holes.

Stephen Hawking Supports This New Theory

His argument had also been supported by the famous British physicist and one of the most intelligent people in the world, Stephen Hawking.

Last year, Hawking claimed the possible denial of his own theory and said that the black holes in the real sense, DO NOT actually exist.

black hole4

What is a Black Hole?

According to the definition of the black holes, it is formed after a “death” of a huge star.

On the website of NASA, there is explained that our only star, the Sun, is actually too small to become a black hole.

Black Holes are Invisible

Black holes are practically invisible because they do not produce any light, and they merge all the light around. The only possible way to discover a black hole is the observation of disappearing the energy.

black hole3

Absorbing is another fact typical for black holes because as much they consume, as much they are growing.

It might be likened with the human being as well. As much we eat, as much we are fatter – general logic. But a black hole can be like a person who is always hungry and is eating everything surrounding him, including the light.  A person is mortal. However, the black hole probably does not die anymore and is just absorbing and merging with other black holes.

In the end, it might become a supermassive black hole that was found in every larger galaxy.

The black holes were always considered as an unpredictable “predators” of everything surrounding.

Maybe the theory is wrong, and they actually not just absorb, but they also produce!

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