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Lockdown Creativity: Man dresses as Yamaraj, God of Death

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Creativity is on the roll since the lock-down was enforced. Police and health departments in various parts of the country are being highly creative in doing their jobs to spread awareness about COVID-19. The video of Bangalore traffic police department’s creative method to make people aware of social distancing went viral a few weeks ago. Have a look at it!

Similarly, many such creative methods are being used by the Police and various departments in Madhya Pradesh. The village panchayat of Mahoti, Anandpur was so creative in spreading the awareness of corona that they decided to dress up a man as “Yamaraj”, who is the God of Death in the Hindu religion.

The block coordinator of the Nehru Youth Center, Anil Kushwah decided to dress up a man as “Yamaraj” and then paraded him around the village to create awareness about how dangerous the virus was. People in cities and towns get proper information and updates via television news report but to spread awareness to every small and remote village where the television or radio facilities are not abundant is a tough nut to crack.

To do this herculean task, the administrative departments are stepping up their games to ensure people follow the lock-down rules and regulations, to spread awareness about the fatal virus and social distancing.

Lockdown Creativity: Man dresses as Yamaraj, God of Death 1
Boy dressed as ‘Yamaraj’ picture credits: Dainik Bhaskar

According to Anil, he decided to do this act to spread a message in the village that if they step out of the house then the God of Death will take them away. They were told to stay inside the house and respect the lock-down laws. Putting on masks and washing their hands as a preventive measure for preventing coronavirus was also told to be strictly followed.

Another creative way to spread mass awareness was done in the Jeerapur city, where the youth representatives took an initiative to paint Rangoli, a colorful drawing on the roads to spread awareness against COVID-19. Since the roads are empty and police have barricaded most of the roads, these youths, Arvind Bansal and Ajay Patidaar have come up with a creative way to spread awareness and use the empty roads as their canvas. They have drawn various Rangoli’s in various parts of the city so that people who violate the rules can see these paintings and stay inside their houses.

Lockdown Creativity: Man dresses as Yamaraj, God of Death 2
Rangoli to spread awareness. picture credits: Dainik Bhaskar.

In the market of Gorakhpur, of Jabalpur district, the Police and the health departments have taken the game forward by creating a tableau. They have created an eye-catching tableau where they created a demon lookalike whose head is shaped like the corona virus and the message ” I am Corona” painted on its stomach.

Miniature figures of Police officers and health official wearing a mask is standing in front of the demon, protecting the people. They have chosen a public hot-spot to place the tableau so that the message reaches a wide number.

Lockdown Creativity: Man dresses as Yamaraj, God of Death 3
Tableau depicts corona demon. Picture credits: Dainik Bhaskar

This is a tough phase for the country and police and the health officials are trying their best to spread awareness and to make sure people follow the lock-down seriously.

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