5 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

5 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill 1

Power shortages leading to high power prices and thus disturbing the budget pattern has prompted many households to alter their power consumption. But the good news here is that you easily reduce your electricity bill without compromising on your needs. So some very basic tips that won’t ask any of your sacrifices are listed below:

Avoiding Wastage:

pluggedMost of us don’t bother to unplug the things when not in use. They are left plugged for hours or even days without anyone using it. These mainly includes the lights and fans which people hardly bother to switch off but extends to idly plugged in TV’s, DVD players, PlayStation, Toasters, Microwaves and the list goes on.

They are consuming electricity even though they are not in use. All you need to do is to unplug them after using it. Similarly, for air conditioners and heaters switch them off when you are going out and also use them in a green mode so that it is automatically turned off when you don’t need it. These idle appliances consume a large chunk of your electricity.

Understanding the energy consumption pattern:
billTry to analyze the use of various appliances on any day and try to reduce on the ones you can easily do. Like if you live in a very hot and dry place your needs can be satisfied well enough by a cooler also or in case of a humid place keep your windows and ventilators open to make the place airy, you can easily supplement it using fans moving the right direction to make the place comfortable enough.

Obviously, they will use less power than an A.C. You can also cut down on your washing machine by putting in appropriate amount of clothing and handle it properly. Timely and proper cleaning of appliances is a must to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Switch to energy efficient devices:

ledIts time to upgrade yourself to energy saving devices ditch your old bulbs to the LED’s which is probably the best option for green, efficient and low-cost lighting. Turn your other home appliances like TV’s, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, to the higher star ratings. This will tremendously reduce your electricity bill without compromising your consumption habits.

Ditch old appliances:

Old appliances like refrigerators, A.C’s are big energy hogs. Their compressors are designed such that they demand more power compared to the newer ones with light, Eco-friendly design. Upgrading to new appliances ill surely do their job by reducing your bills on electricity.

Go Natural:

solarTry to use as many nature-friendly techniques as possible. Get a solar panel installed in society; that will collectively bring down your expenses in the long run. Tap the abundant solar energy and you can save thousands of rupees over the course of the life of your solar panel setup. Also, move out of your laziness and learn to adjust according to your environment.

Mostly people put on air conditioners so high that sometimes they need to take up blankets to overcome the cold. Guys, what is the need to make it November in the month of May? You can minimize your usage by putting in actually zero efforts. Just learn to stay natural and don’t pay so high just for your laziness.

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