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Finding The Perfect Gift – 21 Great Ideas

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Finding the perfect gift has never been easy. Is it someone’s birthday, a festive occasion or you want to express appreciation towards someone and you don’t know what you can give to the other person? Well, we’ve got your back.

It can be difficult to find and decide what can be the perfect gift for your dear one. A gift needs to be memorable, have utility, and should interest the other person.

Yet sometimes, budget limits you, and taxing your wallet is not an option. So you have to get a gift that is both impressive yet affordable. Thinking of such a gift often proves to be difficult and people can’t make their minds up about one.

Hence, we have compiled a list of 21 great ideas for finding the perfect gift that is suitable for everyone irrespective of age and gender. These items are also readily available almost everywhere and are not very expensive.

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 1

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Finding the Perfect Gift – 21 Great Ideas

1. Bean Bags

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 2

No matter the age, old or young, no matter the gender, women, and men, everyone loves a comfortable bean bag! It does not occupy too much space, can be moved around a lot, and are also durable.

The giant variant of the bean bag [in the picture] is especially great because you can sit or sleep in any way you want and it does not fail to give you peak comfort. Watching a movie or playing while in a bean bag is one of the most surreal feeling ever. This might just be the perfect gift for your dear one.

2. Board Games

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 3

This one of the best gifts for anyone. Board games come in different genres and are not hard to come by. Irrespective of age and gender, every single person enjoys games and if the games can be played in the comfort of their home, the joy multiplies a hundredfold.

Games like Catan and chess need intelligence, strategy, and planning while other games like Scotland Yard require immense teamwork. Board games also have extensions and hence, if the receiver likes your gift, he further has the option to add on to it.

We recommend board games like Chess, Catan, Cluedo, and Risk as they can be enjoyed irrespective of age and gender. [Board games while on bean bags? {Wink Wink}]

3. Pets

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 4

Sometimes, a small, furry, snuggly friend is exactly what your dear one may need. A small pet can give emotional support, love, and company to the receiver. With a pet at their side, never fear about them being alone because pets not only give reassurance but also protect the owners from harm. These furry little guys always seem to know what the trouble is.

Unless the receiver is allergic, a pet cat or dog is a great gift. [Especially if they are suffering from emotional stress].

4. DIY Kits!

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 5

So, your dear one likes to build things and is very active. Nothing you give keeps him interested. DIY kits come to the rescue. You will give all the materials and the receiver will have to invest his time and effort to build something with skill and patience.

He will remain interested and often play with what he created for he has created it with efforts. Both the creation and its creation will impart joy to your dear one. As a bonus, he will also learn about the efforts needed to create even a small thing.

5. Story Books

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 6

We all know what impact books have on an individual. A good storybook can be a priceless gift. Stories can keep your dear one interested and entertain. Books can also be informative and subtly increase the reader’s knowledge while doing the previously mentioned things.

The benefits of a book are countless, one of them being that they can be revisited years later and can be read again and again. They never lose their charm and can be passed on further. Hence, a book can be a great gift.

6. A Barbeque Set

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 7

The perfect gift should be something memorable. A barbecue set has great value and has a practical use. Whenever the receiver uses it, he will surely remember you. A barbecue set allows people to enjoy tasty meals without visiting expensive restaurants.

Further, making a barbeque meal yourself is an enriching experience. After all, who does not like a good, juicy, barbecued meal?

7. Grooming Kits

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 8Humans are always in need of equipment to keep themselves groomed. Some people love to do it themselves than visiting and paying parlors now and again. For this specific reason, there are grooming kits.

They are easy to come by and very affordable. They come in pouches so you can carry them anywhere you go. Portable, compact, affordable, these are some of the best gifts you can give.

8. A Camera

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 9

Cameras are instruments that can help you capture memories into pictures. It freezes a memory you can revisit for the rest of your life. You can help your dear one by gifting him a good digital camera. The camera itself will turn into a beautiful memory for the receiver. Your loved one will surely remember this!

9. Home Decor Articles

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 10What gift can be better than something which will enrich the receiver’s home? Small sculptures, statues, metallic trees, and decorative articles are always a welcome gift.

Anyone would want to make their home look prettier and such decorative articles are the best way to do it. Such articles can also be used as paperweights. Further, this helps out local artisans too.

10. Decorative Bed Sheets

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 11

Decorative bed sheets having images of favorite characters or stories are a pleasant surprise. Not only do they provide the comfort of a normal bed sheet, but they also make the receiver happy whenever they look at it.

Just get such a bed sheet or you can even customize one to suit your dear one’s preferences. After all, who would not like sleeping surrounded by their favorite characters?

11. Portable Movie Projectors

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 12

Many-a-times, people want to watch movies while camping or somewhere they are very comfortable, like the bedroom. They would but for the availability of screens. These small projectors eliminate the need for a T.V screen to watch your favorite flick.

They are very powerful and give a very good viewing experience without much compromise. These projectors are small, portable, powerful, and can be used anywhere with a flat surface- making it the perfect gift for those who are adventurous or always on the move, and even overall, it is a solid present.

12. An “Amazon Prime” subscription

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 13

No one can wait for more than a small-time for their online purchases to arrive. Amazon Prime is a very good service that offers one day delivery free for any amount of goods purchased. At a small fee, it provides a lot of good and quality services.

With a single subscription, Amazon gives you one-day deliveries, access to an unlimited library of shows and movies including exclusives along with access to an even bigger library of songs. This is the most value-for-money product in services out there today. Gifting a subscription to your dear one is an inexpensive way of enriching their life.

13. Fashion Accessories

the perfect gift
Things like wallets, belts, jewelry, and purses make for very good gifts. These items give the receiver something to flaunt and increases their style. You get new additions to your fashion collection and more options to choose from the next time you go out. They are easy to find anywhere and there is a great variety of styles and designs in them.

You can choose from thousands of styles, designs, and patterns that will suit the receiver. Inexpensive yet beautiful, these little things can be the perfect gift for your dear one.

14. Gardening Tool Kits

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 14
Does your dear one have a garden? Do they like spending their time grooming and beautifying their garden? Well then, this is a very good surprise. What could he want more than some great and new gardening tools to help him during gardening?

You can find these kits in many general stores and are available at very affordable rates. You can buy already packed kits or make one depending on what the receiver does not have.

15. Trekking and Camping

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 15We have talked a lot about material gifts but going on treks and camping completely sponsored by you is also a great experience, especially with your dear ones. Take them out to the mountains or the countryside to experience the greenery and beauty of nature. This is also a great exercise for the body and mind.

A night in the wilderness inside a tent is a very unique experience. You also pick up many funny memories in the wild. A good trip to the countryside is sure to be remembered for a long time.

16. Sports Equipment

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 16
Sports equipment like rackets, footballs, etcetera is extremely useful gifts. They encourage the receiver to play outdoor games, boosting their health and social life. Sports equipment is very readily available everywhere and also does not cost too much.

These can enrich the receiver’s life a lot and do not put a lot of strain on your wallet- making it the perfect gift for children and adults alike. Who knows if your small gift could turn someone into a future sportsman?

17. Bath Bombs

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 17
Bath Bombs are small balls that dissolve in water and release citric acid and super moisturizing oils. The citric acid helps to heal damaged skin layers and the oils make the skin very soft. Along with this, bath bombs make the water very foamy, scented and it is very fun to submerge ourselves in this water.

It is beneficial for the skin by healing the damaged layers along with providing great fun. Lowering yourself into a hot, foamy bath after a tiring day at work is one of the best feelings. What can be a  more perfect gift than a pack of these bombs?

18. Portraits

Nowadays, you can get portraits made from simple photos of a person. You can gift your dear one a beautifully painted portrait of themselves. This portrait will not only serve as their picture but also can be used as home decor.

A portrait is very unique and the perfect gift and not very expensive to get done. Further, getting this gift can help out the local artist industry. Beautiful, inexpensive, and unique, this can be the perfect gift for your loved one.

19. Soft Toys

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 18We all remember being obsessed with soft toys when all of us were young. Soft toys are a great, suitable, and the perfect gift for all; every age group sometimes needs a soft and comfortable teddy to snuggle with. Soft toys provide warmth and support even while they are inanimate. Soft toys are inexpensive and very common.

They are the perfect substitute for pets if the receiver cannot take care of one. These surely will make for a very good gift.

20. Telescope

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 19Stargazing is a mesmerizing experience. Why not take it one step further for your dear one and gift them a telescope? A good telescope is not too expensive and yet can provide great value to the receiver. It can spark interest in the cosmos in the person. A telescope is an entertaining gift along with being an educational one.

They do not take up too much space and can be kept anywhere open. A telescope can be the perfect gift for young adults and children alike.
And finally, the last item we have on this list is:

21. Chocolates and Sweets

Finding The Perfect Gift - 21 Great Ideas 20
Any festive occasion is incomplete without chocolates. A box of chocolate is the perfect gift and can go very far without taxing your wallet. A box of chocolates, candies, or sweets is one of the most appreciated gifts.

Everybody across all ages and genders simply love chocolate. Unless the receiver is allergic, chocolate is the best gift you can give. After all, who can have enough chocolate?

If you want to check out the online prices for the perfect gift, you can visit Flipkart or Amazon.

These were our ideas of what could make for the perfect gift. However, do keep in mind the receiver’s interests and preferences when giving any gift. As mentioned earlier, these items are readily available everywhere or you can even order them online from the given links.

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