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Food You Will Think Twice Before Eating

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Are you a food lover? Want to try every single cuisine ever invented and think you have a tough stomach? Well, think once again.

Here’s a list of 7 weird (and creepy, if you ask me) food from all around the world

Century eggs, China


If you found a rotten or spoilt egg, would you have the heart to consume it? Well, some unknown person in the past did spread the discovery and now it is one of the acclaimed snacks in China. The eggs are deliberately decayed by wrapping them in salt, clay, and ash and then served.

Hakarl, Iceland


The preparation of one of the creepiest dishes I have ever heard of is pretty lengthy. Greenland sharks are decapitated, sliced and buried in a deep grave for a few months, dug out further sliced and parched for a few months and then they are served. How did anyone come to the idea of this dish is a mystery.

Escamoles, Mexico


Escamoles are basically the larvae of a poisonous breed of ants who rest their eggs in the far low roots of the maguey shrubs.  The eggs are considered to have the density of cheese and tastes like nuts; usually, they are cooked as fillings for omelets or tacos.

Shikaro, Japan


Shikaro literally translates to “white children” and are prepared with the sperms of monkfish or blow-fish. The dish looks like a glob of gunk or tiny brains. They are supposed to have a sweetish puddingy taste.

Tuna Eyeballs, Japan


Not surprisingly, as the name suggests, these are eyeballs of Tuna fish boiled or steamed then served off, accompanied by a sauce, for cheap.

Creepy Foods Around The World
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Crispy Tarantulas, Cambodia

Crispy Tarantulas are basically deep fried spiders which is one of the most famous snacks throughout Cambodia.

Muktuk, Greenland

Whale skin and a thick layer of whale fat. Yes, this is what one of the snacks in Greenland is made of, and it is consumed raw as well.

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