Found Money On Road: Would Man Prove To be Good?

Found Money on Road-Man from Isangar

What would you do if you found money on road? Hand it over or consider it a token of blessing and reside with it? Let us read on to see what happened when a man lost possession of his money.

Sometimes, the right tales can help restore our faith in humanity. Just like this one. A resident of Isangar withdrew Rs. 90,000 from Durgesh bank on a fine morning and he put it in the back of his car. The money fell off while he was traveling on a bumpy road.

Another man walking across found money on road and he immediately picked the package up and took it to the nearest police station and revealed the incident honestly instead of keeping it for himself.

The man was accompanied by Captain Vinod, a senior police official of the Isangar police station to a government office. The man was awarded Rs. 7,000 by the state government officials and a new pair of dhoti-kurta was also provided to him.

An Exemplary Example Of Honesty And Integrity- Found Money on-road and returned it

We should take this incident as a lesson and an example that being poor does not justify dishonest means of earning money. It also tells us that not every poor man is dishonest or a thief. He has truly set an extraordinary example of honesty.

What do you think of this man who found money on road?

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