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The mermaid has been a recurrent aspect of human culture for thousands and thousands of years, appearing in the folklore of various places and civilizations, stretching far back into antiquity. Characterised by a usually female human upper body and a fish like tail on the lower body, these mythical creatures have been a part of fantasy stories since the very beginning, either being often loving or horrifying. In fact, there is evidence of mermaids being present in Ancient Babylonian fiction, something that dates back to at least 10,000 BC. They are also present in Ancient Greek literature as the sirens, and this is where the first inklings of the mermaid’s evil streak can be found. One of the first examples of mermaids in the UK can be found in Durham Castle with a 1078 carving. Here mermaids were seen more unlucky or bad omens, indicative of the fact that they aren’t always positive creatures – click to play Mermaids Millions.


It is funny actually, because mermaids tend to occupy either extreme of the argument: they are either presented as completely benevolent, helping us humans out with particular medicinal remedies or knowledge, or they are shown to be fairly evil monsters who want nothing more than to eat us. It is quite the contrast, going from things like the Disney classic The Little Mermaid, through to the fourth instalment of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise “On Stranger Tides”, where the mermaids are most definitely something to be feared. Either way, you just cannot argue with the cultural impact that mermaids have had throughout the millennia of human existence on earth – they are incredibly important indeed. It makes sense, then, that the esteemed online slot developers Microgaming have decided to take these fantastical creatures as vital inspiration for their title Mermaid Millions. Let’s take a look at how this slot fares, shall we? 

About Mermaid Millions and its Aesthetic 

The first thing to mention about Mermaid Millions is that it is one of the oldest games in the Microgaming arsenal, and therefore the graphics aren’t perhaps on the same level that more modern slot gamblers would expect. However, that being said, there is still a hell of a lot of good things about these graphics, namely the fact that you can revel in playing a truly retro slot, not one of those cheap impersonations that developers are scrambling to create in 2019. Another thing to mention straight off the bat about Mermaid Millions is also that the theme here is generally pertaining to the positive representation of mermaids throughout history, even using some aspects of Ancient Roman paganism. The 5 reel and 15 pay line grid configuration is set in a pristine underwater location, with plenty of sunlight shining through, as well as various whimsical looking characters – it all makes for a joyous playing experience! 

The symbols you can expect to encounter on the reels during Mermaid Millions mostly pertain to the theme, making sure that Microgaming achieve a remarkable consistency in the aesthetic of this game. The lower paying icons all take the form of various high poker card symbols, much like the ones you will find if you happen to enjoy playing video poker machines. Now, these aren’t the most innovative symbols to use, however the vast majority of online slots use playing cards to designate their lower paying icons, so we will let Microgaming off here… The rest of the symbols are all inextricably linked to the world of mermaids and the sea, with treasure cheats, pearl oysters and seahorses all being thrown into the mix. There are also icons depicting mermaids themselves, as well as one showing the Ancient Roman god of the sea Neptune. 

About Mermaid Millions and its Bonus Features 

One thing that we immediately loved about Mermaid Millions was its inclusion of not one, not two, but three dedicated symbols that all take you through to certain bonus rounds or features. Usually we are simply given a scatter and a wild symbol, so this is a great touch by Microgaming, and is testimony to why they are thought of so highly in the online slot universe. Up first is Neptune who becomes the wild symbol during Mermaid Millions, and can substitute with all other icons apart from the two that we will explore later on. Moreover, if you have the good fortune of encountering 5 neptunes on the reels you will receive a handsome reward 7,500 coins. Cannot argue with that now, can you? 

Another symbol to look out for are the mermaids themselves, as these constitute the online slot’s scatter icons. As is usually the case these will reward a number of free spins depending on how many you find on the reels, with 10 being the maximum. All wins made here will also be multiplied by three, ensuring that this can be an incredibly lucrative feature. Last but not least is the Treasure Chest bonus, reached by, you guessed it, finding a number of treasure chest symbols on the reels. After doing so you will be sent deeper to the seafloor where a pick ‘em style bonus round awaits. Pick the right shells and enjoy some cash prizes!

About Microgaming and Other Slots by Them 

Put simply, Microgaming have been at the pinnacle on the online slot gambling industry since its very beginnings, being one of the first developer companies involved with the, at the time, embryonic market. Nowadays the Maltese company has well over a hundred titles under its belt, as well as pioneering things like the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network, something that has paid out over a million pounds to several lucky gamblers since its inception. It is worth checking out a few other games from their back-catalogue, namely: 

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Mermaid Millions: The Verdict 

Although this is quite an old online slot, it doesn’t feel particularly dated, especially with the inclusion of a third bonus symbol.

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