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Getting Rid of Body Parasites – Pet Collars and More

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A flea infestation can make life miserable for your precious pet. The same goes for ticks and other biting insects. Apart from the itching and resulting damage to the skin, these parasites are dangerous carriers of disease and other parasites too.

Our pets, especially the long-haired variety, therefore, need a lot of proper attention. From baths with specific pet shampoos to brushing sessions, these steps will keep your pet healthy. At times though, just grooming your dog or cat regularly is not enough to prevent pests. Here are some effective and safe measures to prevent or get rid of pests like fleas, ticks, chewing lice and other insects.

Getting Rid of Body Parasites – Pet Collars and More 1

Prevent Infestations with Collars

Prevention is better than cure; the wise old adage stands true with your pets too. Anti-parasite collars are a great product designed for even the roughest and toughest pets who love to explore their environment (read – crash into bushes and play in mud). The latest flea collars can be effective for months on end and use one of two popular mechanisms. Some collars are the repelling type – they emit gases that are toxic to insects. Other collars dispense medical compounds using a slow release mechanism which then spread with the natural oils of the animal’s fur. The active ingredients in these compounds kill insects like ticks and fleas before they can settle into your dog.

Since they mostly protect the face and neck area of the dog, these collars are great for tick prevention as that is where most ticks like to stay. You don’t even have to make your doggy wear the collar at all times. Use it when you are heading off for a long walk or if there are any distinct seasons for insects to thrive. Keep the collar in an airtight storage space to maintain its effectiveness for the next round of use.

Before buying a flea collar, you can familiarize yourself with the common ingredients. Most compounds are insecticides which are non-toxic to higher life forms like your mammal pets. There are ingredients that are meant to get rid of the larvae and eggs (a large chunk of the infestation). Make sure the collar is of a durable design, waterproof and most importantly, comfortable for the pet. If you have children in the home, a collar at all times might not be a good idea so you can instead look at other anti-parasite measures like topical products.

Anti-Parasite Pet Products

A topical anti-parasite product is a top choice for many pet owners. All you need to do is apply it on the infected area of your pet’s skin. You can also vary the dosage according to the particular problem your pet faces. A good anti-parasite cream or spray can be used just once a month to keep ticks and fleas away. Always buy your pet products from an authorized dealer. You can find a wide range of pet-focused anti-parasite treatment options at popular supermarkets like Sam’s Club, Target and directly from Pet Action.

The Many Dangers of Parasites

Some of the dangerous diseases caused by fleas and ticks include Bartonella, an infection characterized by violent symptoms like vomiting and seizures. Sometimes pets can accidentally ingest a flea and get a tapeworm infection. Tapeworms will grow inside the intestines of the animal and consume nutrients in the food, which makes the host weak.

The skin conditions caused by insect pests are many. The constant itching can lead to the pet harming itself to get rid of the irritation. Skin allergies like flea dermatitis can occur – some of the symptoms include welts and swelling. Wounds caused by excessive scratching can get infected and further worsen the condition of the pet. Pups and kittens can even die if a parasite infection is not checked. Young animals are susceptible to anaemia, caused by the excessive loss of blood. Ticks cause Lyme disease and some of the many symptoms of this condition are fever, lethargy and lack of appetite.

When buying anti-parasite products, always ensure that you are buying products meant for your pet’s size. Reach out to your vet before you do in case your pet has specific conditions that may interfere with the effectiveness of the product. Pet care is a big responsibility since your animals depend on you to interpret their condition. Always buy the best-quality products because the wrong chemicals may bring with them adverse side effects. A happy, clean and parasite-free pet is a healthy pet. Take care of your beloved furry friends and embrace the joy they bring to your home.

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