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A Guide: Staying Safe When You Live Alone

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By taking the plunge and resolving to live alone, you will stand to reap a host of benefits. There will be nobody there to berate you for staying in your pajamas all day, no one to moan at you for not doing the dishes, and you will be able to host parties and gatherings whenever you just so happen to feel like doing so.

For all of the benefits attached to solo living, however, there are just as many dangers. When you live with another person, you always have someone there to protect you and tend to you when things have gone awry — when that safety blanket is taken away, you are forced to face whatever trouble befalls you alone. If you think that merely being in your home will be enough to protect you from danger, think again. There are plenty of hazards and threats that can creep into your abode unnoticed, and you must take protecting yourself against them seriously. Here’s what you can do to do just that:

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Have your electrics looked at

If you were to suffer an electric shock without there being anybody there to tend to you or call an ambulance for you, your life would be in serious danger. You don’t want to live with someone, so the next best thing to do in this instance is to ensure that your electrical isn’t a safety risk.

Calling in an electrician to take a look at your electrics should be one of the first things you do when you move into your new home/rented apartment. Such an expert will be able to test your panel, cables, and outlets to ensure that they are working in an incredibly safe manner. When looking for experts in this field, be sure to search online for “electricians in my area”. This way you’ll find professionals who are capable of testing your electrical and making adjustments if needed.

Fit a security camera

Having a security camera fitted outside your home is one of the best things you can do to remain aware of any external danger lurking on your premises. Once in full operation, you will be able to check the footage that the camera catches in real-time. Should you catch somebody in the act of trying to break an entry into your property, you will have a head start with regards to alerting the proper authorities.

Set your burglar alarm when you go to bed

It might not be the most convenient thing to do in the world, but setting your home burglar alarm when you go to bed is an incredibly important action to take. Once set, the alarm will alert you to any intruders in your home that have triggered its sensors — without having someone else there to wake you, this kind of alert could prove vital in your bid to deter crime away from your home.

Make sure you fire alarm is working

On the subject of alarms, another one that should be set and working at its optimum capacity at all times is your fire alarm. If you don’t ensure this to be the case, you could very well wake up in the middle of the night to find your home ablaze, and not having anybody there to help you escape the inferno would be sure to make the situation ten times worse. Quite simply, you should be pressing and holding your fire alarm’s test button regularly. If the sound the alarm gives is weak or even non-existent, replace the batteries right away.

Get to know your neighbors

You may live alone, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other people in close proximity to you (unless, of course, you live in a cabin in the middle of the woods). You should get to know the people that neighbor you, as they are going to be the people that you initially rely on whenever things go wrong.

Secure your garage

Should you have a garage attached to your home, you cannot afford to overlook the fact that it is a major entry point — more often than not, criminals will target this point of access and use it to gain entry into your home. You must, then, seek to ensure that it is never left in a vulnerable state. Always make sure that is locked, consider adding extra layers of security to it (such as home automation), and never leave valuables lying around in it.

Take the above advice and you’ll be sure to remain much safer within your home.

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