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Happy Singledom: 7 Things You Could Never Do With Your Partner

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There are some unspoken rules in a relationship that you should never dare break. These restrictions in relationships are what make singledom more fun.

So if you have recently gone through a heart-wrenching breakup and turned single again, I will tell you why you should celebrate every minute of it.

A list of things that you could never do with your partner, but now that you have been set free from that love cage, you can!

1. Check out other guys/girls-

Guy checking out another girl
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You step inside a nightclub and see a hot guy/girl standing across the bar. Now earlier, when you were out with your girlfriend or your boyfriend, even looking in their direction was out of the question. But now that you have no one to stand in the way, you can have a good look and even appreciate what you see.

2. Be a mess-

You thought you could be a complete mess when you had someone to take care of you, Right? NO, WRONG! Your partner will never want to be a part of your messy life. But when you are single, it’s your life and your mess.

3. Wear whatever you want-

Woman dressed up in black
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No one will tell you how tacky your favorite shirt is or how fat you look in that particular dress. You don’t have to care about anyone’s opinion on what you should wear and what you should not. You can dress up however you like, either comfortable or skin-tight; it’s your body, your call.

4. Boast about an ex-

Even if your ex is in your good books, you should never dare bring them up in a conversation with your partner. And on top of it, admiring an ex will not do any good, trust me. Your partner will surely feel offended.

But when you are single, you can give some rest to that “Ex-filter” that had been working between your mind and your tongue every time you open that mouth.

5. Speak ill of the partner’s family-

Happy Singledom: 7 Things You Could Never Do With Your Partner 1

Talking bad about a partner’s family is like raising a finger on their upbringing, which will be like a direct assault on their mere existence. So, it’s never a good idea to bring parents into a fight with your partner.

“Tumhari Maa ne tumhe sar pe chadha rakha hai”

No worries anymore, as you don’t have to pretend to like their over-protective mothers or too strict fathers or even the clingy younger sisters (phew!).

6. Be unhygienic-


Biting your fingernails or cutting toenails in bed, drinking milk directly from the carton, or anything that does not meet the “hygiene” standards of your “hygienist” partner, would leave you in BIG trouble. Hah! Now you can be yourself and care less about that wet towel on the couch.

7. Have the whole bed for yourself-

Woman sleeping on the bed peacefully
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Surely spooning is romantic and all, but nothing can beat that ‘athletic in a marathon’ sleeping position of yours. But you can’t do that when you are sharing your bed with another person, now can you?

You are now the sole ruler of the kingdom of ‘BEDpur.’ 

What more can one ask for?

So, being single is not really a sad thing. Enjoy it while it lasts.

*Happy Singledom*

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