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Home Science: What’s Not Cooking

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It’s never easy being different. We get labeled a lot of things when we are doing something not so mainstream, which applies to a lot of things in our lives. We get weird looks for CHOOSING SOMETHING DIFFERENT. The category of people who take the most time accepting these differences are the generation before us, our parents, their friends, aunties and uncles, grandparents, Sharma Ji’ with his IIT topping son, maybe Martians too, and the list goes on. It’s hard to explain the scope of something new to a generation who have lived in a time where government jobs were REAL JOBS, and anyone beyond doctors, engineers and lawyers were considered a sub-standard category of earning human race. But times have changed, and so should this trend.

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Home Science or Home Economics is among one of the most misunderstood subjects. The comments and questions that usually follow when you tell someone you are pursuing HOME SCIENCE (gasp) are – “That subject with cooking and all?”Or, “Are you training to be a housewife?”And sometimes, “Kya hee hoga yeh sab padh ke, doctor hee ban jaate.” (What will you really achieve with a subject like that; becoming a doctor could have been a better option). It is much more than managing a house.

What people barely know is that “Cooking” part of home science is really just 1/5th of a bigger picture. The other core subjects include Development Communication and Extension, Fabric and Apparel Science, Human Development, and Resource Management along with other subjects like Family Life education, microbiology, entrepreneurship, food preservation, personality development, Fashion Designing etc. The qualities needed to be good at this subject are creativity, outside the box thinking, patience while dealing with people, understanding and thinking on their feet.

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This subject offers not only a wide range of options for Post graduation courses but also a broad spectrum of career choices to choose from. Throughout the duration, of course, you will be able to assess your aptitude for a particular field and choose a career accordingly.


The jobs and professions that pour in when you open the door to home science range from Teachers and professors, Dietitian and Nutritionist, Food Industry, Hospital and Hotel management boards, Consultant and Counseling, Tourism Management to Fashion Designing, Textile and Apparel Industries, Researchers, Interior Designing, and entrepreneurship. Gone are the days when such subjects were not given any importance because it was thought that they won’t fetch a job. Every subject has a career plan for you, and no subject is inferior.

One needs to give their best in what they do, and then nothing will be able to stop them from reaching their success goals.

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