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How To Look A Million Dollars On A Shoestring Budget?

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Payday can never come soon enough, especially when you’ve seen that new collection has been released by your favourite fashion line. Although it may seem tempting to take out an emergency Uncle Buck Payday Loan to treat yourself to a brand new wardrobe, funding that new look might take a little more creativity. So, with that in mind, we’re going to explain how you can look a million dollars, all on a shoestring budget!

How To Look A Million Dollars On A Shoestring Budget? 1

Get Thrifting

Thrift shops or more commonly referred to as charity shops in the UK are a great source for some very affordable and fashionable finds. With items not available in conventional stores, you can rest assured that any piece you find in a charity shop will be wholly unique to you; ridding you of the anxiety of meeting your friends and them having the exact same outfit on as you.

What’s more, with retro sportswear making a comeback this season, charity shops serve as the perfect destination to find some vintage Nike, Adidas and Reebok from yesteryear. Plus charity shops offer very fair prices, so you can find many items for less than £10 and you’ll be contributing to a good cause.

Sales Sales Sales!

Now, this measure will take some patience but we promise that it will be worth its weight in gold, especially when you come to purchase that new piece of clothing at half the price you were going to originally! When you first see that jacket or pair of trainers you so dearly desire, you’re going to have to wait around two months before you even think of buying them. Now, we understand this may seem quite extreme, but the retailers typically let a new item hang on its shelves or app, depending on if it’s online store, for six to eight weeks before marking it down.

Another tip we recommend is that you shop on a Thursday. Quite odd we know, but stores start preparing for the weekend rush on a Thursday by beginning to mark down the old merchandise, go in on the same day to ensure you get ahead of the crowd and land some deals.

Don’t Rule Out The High Street

While many fashionistas scoff at the mere idea of purchasing items from high street giants like Primark or H&M, these brands churn out pieces in accordance to the latest trends at the speed of light, while managing to keep them affordable.

While you might not want to buy your whole wardrobe from the high street, at risk of looking like everyone else (and who wants that?), they do serve as the perfect place to pick up your wardrobe’s basic essentials. We’re talking your plainer pieces – so well fitted t-shirts, oxford button-ups, knitwear and skirts, all of which are your outfit foundations which you can build upon.

We hope that these three tips will save you money in the future and help you achieve your desired look without breaking the bank. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!

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