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How Online Casinos Have Performed During Covid-19

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the global economy has been affected by the lockdown.

On the other hand, many industries appear to have benefitted from the drastic change to our way of life, with online businesses doing particularly well. Online casinos, in particular, have been booming since the pandemic took hold.

Indeed, this only makes sense, with more of us holed up in our flats, apartments and houses than ever before seeking some form of excitement. The pandemic has introduced many new players to online casinos and you can find out more about new online casinos here.How Online Casinos Have Performed During Covid-19 1

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how online casinos have performed during COVID-19, from the way in which new gamblers have migrated online to the current situation for online casinos.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first item on our list of how online casinos have performed during COVID-19.

Online Casinos More Popular Than Ever Before

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a purple patch for online casinos across the world. Whilst sports betting and brick and mortar betting shops have suffered huge losses in recent months, punters seem only too happy to take their business to online casino sites.

In the UK, online slots increased in popularity by 25% in the month after the pandemic began. On top of this, online poker sites have boomed by 38% in the same period. Many experts predict that these figures will now be much higher after almost three months in lockdown.

Whilst clearly great news for online gambling and online casino sites, the pandemic has had an adverse impact on the overall gambling industry. Much of the data suggests that the closure of brick and mortar betting shops and casinos has ravaged the industry, with many of these traditional punters taking their interest online during the lockdown.

What is the current situation for online casinos?

Around the country, many prominent figures have noted the rise in online casino activity during the pandemic and demanded stricter regulation of sites. Much of the talk is around problem gambling and the ease with which many online casinos allow new players to sign.

Many suggestions have been made around the aggressive nature of advertising from some casino sites during the lockdown, whilst the bonus offers provided also form a point of conjecture.

Now that the lockdown has led to a boom in online casino activity, many politicians and activists are growing concerned for problem gamblers stuck at home.

However, stats show that a huge chunk of new online casino players is simply seasoned gamblers who can’t attend their local betting shop or casino, so have taken their interest online. Online casinos go to great length in order to protect members, and it should be noted that the vast majority of wagers placed fall into the ‘low’ to ‘medium’ category in terms of amount.

The vast majority of reputable UK online casino sites promote Gamble Aware, a scheme designed to stop problem gambling across the nation. On top of this, the UKGC is one of the strictest gambling authorities on the planet and ensures that all casino sites continue to act in a fair way to players.

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