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10 Innovative Ways Of Cheating In Exams

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As students exam has always acted as terror when we are unprepared. And after every semester we always end up promising ourselves that we would work hard from the next one. So all you students out there here are some cool ways of cheating in the exams. Hope these chit codes help you in cheating in exams !

Disclaimer- These tricks can land you up in trouble so all the kiddies out there play your cards safe.

1.The eraser


One can use the flat pattern of an eraser to write down the answers. So this can be easily accommodated in the compass without any doubts and when u see the terror coming towards you just flip the eraser towards the blank side and pretend like the teacher’s pet. So this technique brags the first place in the list of innovative way of cheating in exams as safety measures are at its peak.

2.The transparent water bottle cover


Yes you read it right! The mineral bottle with the plastic cover with the logo printed on it can come to your rescue. The white part on the flip side of the logo can be used to write in your answers and in case of requirement the same can be kept on bench where you can see through the transparent bottle.

3.The watch

We all know that watch is used for timing our self during exam so that we do not run short of time for completing our exams. But you know this too can help you in noting your difficult answers that you cannot remember by noting them on the backside of the dial with a pencil. And the same can be removed and kept under the desk and no teacher would ever doubt you. Be careful though!

4.Sneakout of the classroom


One can easily sneak out of the classroom under the pretext of going to the washroom. That is the safest place where in you can check out your chits. But do not take too much of time guys because that would add up to the suspension and suspicion.



Another source to have your answers written is calculators. The backside of the calculator can be used to write in the answers with pencil and then as in when required the same can be flipped backside and then can be used to accomplish your mission.



What are the full sleeves on the uniform made for? Write in the answers under your hand or wrist and then cover it with your sleeves. The sleeves can be pulled up to see the answers once you need them. This is the least risky method of cheating in exams.

7.Invisible pen


The invisible pen helps a lot but it comes with a risk too. Write down the answers on a paper with the invisible pen and carry the same along in the examination center. Hide the same paper under the answer sheets and provide the adequate UV light very carefully so that you are not caught. This is one of the most effective methods where in you can carry your entire notebook but the process of providing the UV light makes it a tricky method of cheating in exams.

8.Putting the sticky note under your shoe

cheating in exams

Another way to master the trick is put a sticky note under your canvas and carry them along to the examination hall. Remove your shoes and when you feel the danger surrounds you cover them with your feet.

9.Hiding the chits under the socks.


Hide the chits in the socks then topple down any of your stationery on the floor bend down and slide your hands under the socks then safely remove the chit complete your job repeat the same to put the chit back to its location. This is one of the oldest method yet the coolest method of cheating in exams.



Use a steel scale to write the answers behind it and then flip it when the danger lingers around you. These are some tricks that you can use it to your benefit and play safe so that you do not have to bear a severe penalty for it.


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