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Intrapersonal Intelligence: An Easy Overview

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Intrapersonal intelligence is a crucial skill-set that can work wonders for you. Through this article, we will explore what intrapersonal intelligence is all about, how it can help in personal development, and how we can incorporate this into our lives. 

Intrapersonal Intelligence: What Is It All About?

There is a wide variety of intelligence, and psychologist Howard Gardner focused on the eight types of intelligence, which comprised of social intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, musical intelligence, mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, existential intelligence, kinaesthetic intelligence, and spatial intelligence. 

According to Howard Gardner, every human has a different level of intelligence, which falls in one of these domains. Intrapersonal intelligence is all about comprehending our inner thoughts and our true selves. People with intrapersonal intelligence cannot be branded as narcissists because only when we understand our emotions we can try to understand the rest of the world. 

Scientific studies have proven that children with high intrapersonal intelligence have a clearer idea of what they want to achieve in life. In addition to this, children who have higher levels of intrapersonal intelligence have a higher level of other intelligence too. 

Intrapersonal Intelligence
Intrapersonal Intelligence

The Difference Between Interpersonal and Intrapersonal


Intrapersonal and interpersonal sound very similar, and both of them belong to Howard Gardner’s type of intelligence. But, these terms have subtle differences. 

Intrapersonal has the term “intra,” which means within, and it focuses on self intelligence. 

Interpersonal, on the other hand, has the term “inter,” which means between, and it focuses on the intelligence of others. People with interpersonal intelligence can become remarkable psychologists because they have the right skill set needed for practice. 

Characters Exhibited by People With Intrapersonal Intelligence

  • They are excellent at understanding people around them.
  • When it comes to the expression of their emotions, they are super creative. They usually love portraying their feelings via writing, music, or other art forms. 
  • Since self-introspection is a frequent assessment they take, they are more aware of their flaws and attitude. 
  • They are equipped with higher levels of self-confidence. 
  • We often wish that we had control over our tongue. Well, intrapersonal intelligence helps you control negative emotions like anger! 
  • Modesty is a value that is well appreciated, and people with intrapersonal intelligence are much grounded in nature.

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Developing Your Cognitive Powers for the Best 

If you want to develop your intrapersonal intelligence, here are a couple of techniques and routines to help you exploit your cognitive powers for the best. 

Social Hobbies:

Since people with intrapersonal intelligence can comprehend the emotions of people around them, it is advised they engage in social activities. For instance, reaching out to the community or frequently interacting in social settings can help exercise intrapersonal skills and drive nervousness of social situations.

Read Books:

Books are the treasure of wisdom and knowledge. Exposing children with intrapersonal intelligence to books about personal development will instantly catch their attention, and they will begin to work on themselves without any pressure.

Think, Think, and Think:

You don’t have to think about one particular topic, just sit in the comfort of your balcony with some coffee and let the emptiness churn your rational thinking wheels. These little getaways from the routine will help you in unbelievable ways.

Intrapersonal Intelligence


The best way to stay organized, pen down brilliant ideas that might appear in the confines of your mind at a random hour and also your growth tracker. 

You can routinely check your diary to keep track of your progress and development. For instance, it will provide you tons of motivation when you revisit the journey of self-development and notice how much you have evolved since you first started. 

You can also consult a developmental psychologist to help you through this journey if you feel that you are not comfortable to embark on it by yourself.

Career Options 

There are many opportunities for people with intrapersonal intelligence, and we have some prime examples such as Aristotle and Einstein, who changed history with their intellectual abilities. 

While there is no such compulsion that a person has to settle for these career options, but it may be a smart choice. We often notice a lot of people becoming extremely frustrated and stressed about their work.

But when you choose a profession, you are good at it. You will definitely enjoy working. In these situations, even stressful deadlines will not pressurize you. Some of the career options which can be taken into account are psychologist, philosopher, researcher, entrepreneurship, historian, theologian, law, scientist, and counselor. 

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Benefits To Your Career 

People with intrapersonal intelligence make excellent leaders and are team players. This originates from the fact that they can comprehend the likes and dislikes of people around them, and hence they consider everyone’s opinions. This inclusive nature will make everyone admire them, as well.

The best part about this skill is that the person will recognize the potential and talent of themselves and their team. This, in turn, will help them set realistic goals and targets for the project. In other words, they will be able to think rationally and indulge in critical decision-making. 

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Intrapersonal Intelligence

A Little Take Away for the Readers! 

Now, you may be down in doldrums after reading this article, feeling that you are not equipped with intrapersonal intelligence, or you may question your career choices apart from the one listed above but trust us; you don’t have to feel this way. 

It can be developed with discipline in lifestyle to achieve your requisite goal, and you can enhance it further as and when you grow with the tips mentioned above. Also, people possess multiple intelligences, so you need to self introspect and try to perfect the kind you belong to because this will enhance your personality. 

If you are someone with high intrapersonal intelligence and have chosen a career outside of the choices mentioned, it is completely okay. This is just a list of options people can consider, but the sky is the limit. As long as you are passionate about what you do, nothing else matters. 

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