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Making the Most of the Indian Interior Design Trend

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In the past decade we have seen countries like Morocco and even entire land-masses like Scandinavia producing some great looks that can influence the way that we decorate our interior spaces.

But recently it seems that more and more interior design gurus are being influenced by some of the designs from the Indian subcontinent.

So just as Indian foods have managed to be a world-beater, we are going to have a look at the Indian interior design ideas that have also enjoyed a great deal of international success.

Making the Most of the Indian Interior Design Trend 1

Whether it’s embracing the nation’s love of vivid jewel-like colours, or even revelling in the legendary Indian patterns and textures, it seems that many bohemian interiors have taken their inspiration from Indian designs.

India has always had a fantastic reputation for producing some of the world’s most sumptuous rugs. And these beautifully patterned rugs can certainly add a touch of elegance and warmth to any living space.

Making the Most of the Indian Interior Design Trend 2

The great thing about these Indian rugs is that they are perfectly adaptable and can bring some charm to a modernist living room or a rustic bedroom area.

Indian decor also takes great pride in producing some wonderful wooden furniture. It’s been amazing to see how some British importers are now selling wooden Indian furniture that range from tiny Mihrab mirrors to massive bedside cabinets at extortionate prices.

But with reliable brands like Bedstar able to supply wooden beds in a more reasonable price range, it means that we have a cost-effective way to get a look that takes inspiration from the Indian sub-continent.

It’s always India’s enthusiasm for bright colours that continues to make Indian interior design such a global hit. Whether it’s the vivid pinks and purples that are often worn on silk sarees, or even some of the earthy tones like yellow ochre and burnt orange, there’s nothing like adding a dose of colour to brighten up even the drabbest of interior spaces.


However, it also seems that a growing movement in India is starting to help the nation’s designers get their ideas overseas. From the India Design ID event to the enthusiastic use of street art, it looks like Delhi is starting to become a new hotspot for all interior design fans.

So whether it’s adding a touch of boho chic to your bedroom with an ancient Hindu icon, or revamping your living room with wooden furniture from the new generation of India’s designers, it seems like India’s reputation for great interior design is set to grow dramatically.


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