10 Most Underrated Professions in India

10 Most Underrated Professions in India 1

You must have often heard people say ‘Work has Dignity,’ which means that all occupation, whether they involve intellect or physical labor, deserves equal respect and dignity. Some professions are given a lot of importance, while many others are looked down upon by people. Although the below-given jobs are underrated, they are an integral part of our society and directly or indirectly affect us.

Here is a list of the ten most underrated professions of India.

1.Farmer:underrated You must’ve seen the sticker: ‘If you ate today, thank a farmer.’ But only a few of us care to acknowledge them before our meals. Everybody wants to eat, but nobody wants to grow. They regularly work on their field irrespective of the weather or the season and consider the increasing number of suicides committed and the miserable lives led by them, and this is probably the most underrated profession.

2.Construction Labourers:

underratedThey are the people behind the infrastructural development of our country. They work in the worst conditions for long hours, burning themselves in the heat only to get a meager wage in return. The construction sites are not very safe, and many uncertain deaths and accidents occur, most of which are usually covered with money.

3.Street Sweepers:    underrated

They are the real workers of the ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.’ They play an important role in maintaining health and hygiene within the cities. This job exposes them to various risk factors such as dust, toxins, and diesel exhaust pollution, which make them vulnerable to developing certain occupational diseases.


These are the people who spend sleepless nights so that you can have a peaceful sleep. Be it the chilling winters, the lashing rains, or the scorching summers, they are always there for your safety, and that too at the risk of their lives. And if anything goes wrong in society, they are the first ones to be held responsible for.

5.Delivery Boys:underrated

Just from the comfort of our homes, we have access to almost everything. Behind every hot pizza delivered within 30 minutes from an order or the products from online retailers we receive within a day lies their hard work and determination. So, the next time one comes to your place, offer him a glass of water.

6.House helps: underrated

They play an important role in the household. Most of the middle-class families in India nowadays employ them. They usually work for around 3-4 houses to meet their expenses. Their work includes cleaning the house, mopping the floors, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, and taking care of children. Phew, so much work to do!

7.Customer Service Executive:


It’s not an easy task to make your voice reach unreceptive ears. They are available 24×7 for solving all your queries. Apart from the customers’ inappropriate attitude, the stress of working long hours, night shifts, and the demanding pace can be a significant challenge. This job definitely requires a lot of hard work.

8.Receptionist: underrated

No matter what’s going on in their lives, they’ll always greet you with a smiling face. Their duties include answering visitor’s inquiries, directing them to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answering incoming calls, and a variety of other office tasks. Really a tedious task to do, isn’t it?


Standing outside the buildings, withstanding the scorching heat, you will find gatekeepers. Opening and closing the gates for all sorts of people. They are mostly underpaid and probably never tipped. Next time when they open the gates for you in hotels, offices, or restaurants, show some respect at least.


They take our orders first and then bring the delicious food to our tables. But a slight delay in service or a small mistake often leads to verbal taunts and intolerance from the customers and the managers. They don’t get paid enough and in most of the places are undertipped.

It’s time we start giving importance to people irrespective of their work and the roles they play in our lives.


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