According to research, health issues may arise if your baby is overheating in a swaddle. In worst-case scenarios, it can be fatal since there is a relationship between overheating and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS); these are deaths, usually unexplained and sudden, which occur for babies below 1 year.

That’s why it is important to know if your baby is feeling hot in a swaddle or the times. Fortunately, you don’t need an expert to figure this out. As long as you know the signs, you can tell when your baby’s temperature isn’t right. Consequently, you can take the necessary measures to fix the heat situation.

1. Signs Showing That Your Baby Is Too Hot in Swaddle

a Baby boy in a Swaddle

If your baby might be too warm in a Swaddle, expect the following signs;

  • confusion and dizziness
  • red or flushed skin
  • rapid heartbeat
  • vomiting
  • unresponsiveness or lethargy
  • heat rash
  • restlessness and struggling to sleep
  • Damp hair or sweaty neck
  • Warm to the touch
  • Fast breathing

If you notice such signs, your baby is too hot in the swaddle.

2. Things to Consider Before, During and After Swaddling Your Baby

2.1. Ensure the Surroundings Are Cool

The room temperatures must be relatively cool to avoid your baby getting too hot in a swaddle. For instance, the ideal one should be between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius or 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

a Baby in a Swaddle

Considering their optimal air circulation, consider using fans to keep the room cool. There are low chances of a baby overheating if the room is well-ventilated. Equally important, once the baby sleeps, use blackout curtains. After all, they block the hot rays of the scorching sun.

2.2. Monitor the Baby’s Temperature

After swaddling your baby, don’t stop at that. Ensure you check if they are overheating once in a while. It is as simple as feeling the cheeks, ears, and neck since the feel can tell how hot the baby is.

Upon checking, act accordingly by removing a layer as soon as you realize the baby is sweating. Alternatively, consider a breathable and light swaddle, as it will allow the skin to breathe, thus resolving overheating.

2.3. Dress the Baby Appropriately

If you want to swaddle your baby, especially during summer, overdressing can make them too hot. That’s why you should dress your bay appropriately before swaddling. For example, you can use lightweight and breathable clothes during summer before adding the swaddle.

Sometimes, the weather is so hot that a diaper is the only layer you need beneath the swaddle. However, not all diapers are suitable for this occasion either. Ensure you use one that’s breathable for your baby’s skin.

Remember that babies release excess heat through their feet and head. Therefore, adding socks and hats can also lead to overheating.

2.4. Select the Right Blanket

a Baby in a Swaddle

The blanket you choose to swaddle your baby determines whether they will get too hot. When selecting one, consider the weather to identify whether a heavy or light blanket is ideal.

During summer, lightweight and breathable blankets are the best for swaddling. Excellent fabrics that meet the criteria include bamboo, muslin, and cotton. They allow great airflow; hence, the chance of overheating is reduced.

3. Don’ts If Your Baby is Too Hot While Swaddled

There are various mistakes that most parents make upon realizing. One of them is doing away with swaddling completely. After all, people assume that swaddling is for newborns only.

It is a technique that’s beneficial to even older babies. After all, swaddling is soothing and makes babies feel secure, especially when sleeping. So, consider lighter ones or appropriate swaddling techniques instead of eliminating the swaddle.

Loosening the swaddle is yet another common mistake. Some parents loosen the blanket after realizing the baby is too hot to swaddle. Did you know that it is something that does more harm than good?

It is dangerous despite the huge assumption that a loose blanket makes a baby comfortable. It risks the baby’s life by increasing the chances of suffocation. For instance, imagine what would happen if the loose blanket covered your baby’s face.

Nevertheless, a swaddle that is too tight isn’t an alternative, either. Remember that comfort is also important if you want your baby to enjoy swaddling.

4. What to Do If the Baby Is Too Hot in Swaddle

If your baby has already overheated, the following procedures should do the trick of lowering the temperatures.

a Baby in a Swaddle
  • Ensure that the baby takes more fluids if overheating is becoming the order of the day. Stick to breast milk or formula for babies below 6 months and water for their older counterparts. Give your between 4 and 8 ounces of water daily.
  • Change the baby’s clothes, replacing them with light and breathable materials. Cotton is an excellent choice, and it is also advisable for the fabrics to be loose-fitting.
  • Take your baby to a cooler room than his current location. Excellent choices are shaded rooms and lower floors since they are relatively cool.
  • Just hold a cold compress to your baby’s limbs or forehead to lower the temperature.
  • Alternatively, sponge your baby using cool or lukewarm water. Remember that ice and cold water will do more harm than good.

If these tricks don’t work, there is a high chance that you are dealing with a problem bigger than overheating. In that case, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a pediatrician.

Final Words

Remember that babies easily overheat due to their small surface areas. Their body temperatures also naturally rise faster than those of adults. Besides, their sweat glands aren’t developed enough to help them regulate heat through sweating.

That’s why knowing your baby’s temperature in a swaddle is important. Fortunately, the above discussion has covered the indicators. It has also offered appropriate solutions to help you solve the matter with the urgency it demands. If not careful, your baby may not survive an overheating episode.

You can also swaddle your baby in such a way that they don’t get too hot. Use the tips above to do so, and thank me later. Remember that babies can’t express themselves, and it is up to you to rise to any occasion regardless.

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