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Is Private Tutoring Really Effective?

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To find a quality tutor is sometimes as difficult as a doctor or a lawyer, and the problem is not only in geographical remoteness (the development of Internet services such as tutor online – partially allows to solve this problem) but also in a limited number of really talented and enthusiastic teachers. In addition, there are a number of myths that have developed around this occupation, as a rule, it is the following of these myths that determines the ineffectiveness of this idea. We will analyze some of them.Is Private Tutoring Really Effective? 1

Myths That You Should Not Believe In

The Tutor is Responsible for the Progress and Results of the Students

This is the most common misconception. The appearance of a teacher does not negate self-monitoring and participation in the process of parents, if necessary. Do not be surprised if you relax and rely entirely on him, and then you will not find any progress. The reasons can be several: the student does not approve the way of explaining the material, he does not do homework or the teacher could not establish contact with him.

The Higher the Cost of Classes, the Better the Tutor Is

This is not always the reality. Sometimes a student who has fresh memories of passing the final exams will prepare the graduate much better and for conditional money than an experienced teacher. In a situation where the tutors are searched through friends and acquaintances, the high cost of classes is sometimes not explained by anything other than “everyone pays him this price.”

A Good Tutor Is Good for All Tasks

Classes with private teachers are not a cheap pleasure. And that this part of the expenditure was not meaningless, you need to understand why you are going to hire him. Universal people do not exist, and to solve different problems you always need completely different people.

He Should Not Give Homework

In this paragraph, much depends on the goals and objectives of the classes. Some results are achieved solely through training and methodical execution of typical or, conversely, creative tasks. Regardless of the experience and professionalism of the teacher, the student’s achievement is only that which he himself has earned.

The Result Should Be Immediate

It does not work out -do not wait for the highest marks after the initial classes. Sometimes it makes sense to make a plan of progress in advance.

What You Need to Get from a Tutor to Make It Really Effective

He Must Prevent or Stop the Backlog of the University Program

One of the key arguments in favor of tutoring is that an individual approach to a student is a practically impossible task. If the teaching methods do not correspond to the speed of mastering the material if the skills develop too slowly – the institution is unlikely to be able to help with such problems. Sometimes the only way out in this case is to hire an individual teacher.

He Should Become Your Personal Mentor

He is not just a teacher who dictates rules or mechanically solves tasks with you. It’s a person who is aware of all the problems that you are facing. A good teacher graduated from the prestigious school and university. He himself went through a huge academic load, he knows about time management, discipline and the importance of a positive attitude.

He Should Raise Your Academic Interests to a New Level.

We have already discussed the role of a tutor above and noted that this role is not limited to just learning. In some situations, he can provide you with information that you will not receive from the university’s professor because he is not limited to the scope of the university program.

Instead of Conclusion

Private studying can be a very convenient and profitable solution. In order to avoid problems, it is necessary to conduct a thorough “casting” of teachers, in advance to specify all the details, as well as discuss the format of classes and the necessary results.


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