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Scope of Pursuing Journalism in Today’s Era

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Are you perplexed about your future? Is your mind occupied by intermingled thoughts related to your future career? You’re not to be blamed for that. In today’s era, there is a wide range of careers introduced for the convenience of today’s youth. If you are an extrovert person and have an affinity towards media, then, assuredly, journalism is the best choice for you.

imagesJournalism is recognized as the “fourth estate” of the Government, as it is responsible for taking care of the proper functioning of all the three tiers of Government i.e. Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary. A journalist is known as the “watchdog” of the society, as a journalist’s job is to carefully observe its surroundings and report the same to spread social awareness among the society and nation.

Journalism is divided into various areas:


  1. Print media– Print media includes all the editing and reporting of events and stories for newspapers, magazines, journals, and other publications.


2. Television Journalism– Television journalism includes reporting events for television broadcasting and various news organizations, both at national as well as international level.


3. Radio Broadcasting– Radio broadcasting involves reporting through the medium of sound i.e. radio, to a huge mass audience at once. In this type of journalism, the audience has to visualize the events as the invisible speaker narrates the events.


4. New Media Journalism– Reporting all the day-to-day events through the latest technologies of new media is a part of new media journalism. It also includes reporting on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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5. Marketing– Advertising, Public Relations, Publicity Stunts, Corporate Communication, Celebrity Endorsements and many more, that focus mainly on brand promotion, are a part of marketing and is a part of journalism too.


6. Investigative Journalism– The technique of analyzing and reporting a specific story over a long period of time, constitutes investigative journalism. It is the most peril and risky area of journalism as covering up most unique and unexpected stories, risks a journalists life.

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7. Photojournalism– Photojournalism is the area of journalism in which professional photographers snap images related to a specific news story.

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8. Graphic Designing– Graphic Designing is a area of journalism in which various graphics are designed in numerous, vector-based or raster-based softwares, for different organizations. Example- logo designing, designing an advertisement, hoarding, etc.

Hence, journalism has a wide scope that is not only restricted to India but also globally. It has higher scope than the fields of medical science and engineering. Therefore, pursuing journalism in today’s era is one of the best options.

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