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Should You Fight the Stomach Flu with CBD Products?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has many health benefits including pain relief, assisting cancer patients in dealing with various symptoms like nausea, reducing inflammation, and many others. Those who need a natural remedy to various common conditions are turning to CBD. Due to the increase of people suffering from stomach flu, CBD is gaining popularity as a way to cope with it.


Understanding stomach flu

Stomach flu is known by its technical term, viral gastroenteritis. It is usually caused by consuming contaminated water and foods but may also be airborne whereby it is passed from the infected persons through coughs and sneezes. Although stomach flu and common influenza are different, they often occur at the same time, making them seem related.

The symptoms of stomach flu are almost similar to those of food poisoning, and one’s susceptibility to it depends on the strength of their immune system. With a weak immune system to fight viruses and bacteria, the condition will persist for two or three days.

Symptoms of stomach flu

This illness is incredibly uncomfortable with symptoms getting so intense at times that you can hardly do anything. Fortunately, the symptoms do not last long because they mostly start reducing after the first day or thereabout. Common symptoms when in the midst of a bout of this illness include:

  •             Dizziness
  •             Diarrhoea
  •             Stomach cramping
  •             Nausea
  •             Appetite loss
  •             Brain fog
  •             Exhaustion

As seen from the above symptoms, the illness can knock you out, but it does not last long. You need to avoid contact with others because it is can be passed to others.

CBD for stomach flu

Although there has not been sufficient research on the benefits of CBD, the evidence from its use has shown that it can help to deal with the symptoms of stomach flu. The important thing is to get high quality CBD products from trusted sources such as Berkshire CBD flower.

Here are some ways that CBD can help those with stomach flu:

Maintaining a healthy appetite: CBD has been known to help promote healthy appetite. The nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting that come with stomach flu can be debilitating. Since CBD helps to ease nausea and promote a healthier digestive system, it is very helpful for those with stomach flu.

Boosting the immune system: Since a strong immune system is crucial to fight stomach flu as well as other illnesses, CBD comes in handy as it helps to strengthen the immune system. CBD enhances the immune system by boosting the endocannabinoid system to effectively react to the flu for faster healing and to fight off other attacks.

Managing inflammation: Inflammation that results from the immune system fighting the flu virus may cause pain and aches. Patients may have swelling, localized fever, and pain. CBD can help to ease the aches and pains that come with a heavy attack of the flu.

Help to get rest and sleep: CBD helps those with stomach flu to relax and have calm mind as well as get the quality sleep that so often eludes them. This allows the body to fight the disease and heal faster.

Promote calmness and more positive demeanor: CBD helps one to be calm and upbeat and overcome worry and anxiety, which enables the body to rest and get well. With a positive attitude, it is easier to carry on with daily activities and avoid stress.


You can fight stomach flu with CBD, which you can consume in any of its forms such as oils, tincture, edibles, topical applicants, or other forms. CBD helps those with stomach flu to ease pain, promote rest and sleep, improve appetite, reduce nausea, and many other benefits. 

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