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Signs that you are a coffee addict

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Are you a coffee addict? Nothing makes you happier than a brewing cup of coffee? Let’s find out. Here we list 15 signs that you are a coffee addict

1.No morning begins without coffee

No matter how early in the morning it is, Coffee is the best motivator for you to jump out off the bed.


2. Helps you to stay awake up at night

Be it be exams or a movie night up. Coffee is your savior.


3.You know all the best coffee shops all round the city

Be it be Barista, Café Coffee day or even the local coffee shops you know it all.


4. They know you too

Its not just that you know the coffee shops, The staff also knows you and recognizes you as the coffee addict, as you visit them more than frequently.


5.You know the menu very well

Having gone there so many times, Now you don’t even need to look at the menu to order because you know it all.


6. All the flavors

You have your own favorite coffee, but you don’t mind tasting other flavors.


7.You change your type according to seasons but coffee is always constant

In summers your favorite, go to is cold coffee and in winter nothing makes you happier than a hot brewing cup of coffee.


8.You keep on experimenting

At time when regular coffee gets annoying you don’t mind experimenting and creating something new.


9.You make your own coffees and consider that as an art.


10. Coffee hangouts

Your favorite place to hang out with friends is a coffee shop.


11. Spend a lot more than you should

You don’t mind spending even your saving on a good coffee even if its expensive.


12. All your friends and family know that you swear by coffee and nothing makes you more beaming.


And Surely for a coffee addict like you, ‘Depresso’ is the biggest disease ever!

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