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10 Signs That You Are An Empath

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Being an empath is being a highly sensitive and emotionally sound person. Empaths tend to absorb the energy (positive or negative) from people around them or their surroundings and can relate to others almost instantly.

There’s always that inner gut feeling that guides them, and they are often characterized as being emotional or aloof. But to say precisely, empaths are rare people who are like heatsinks. They don’t open up pretty often and prefer to listen rather than talk. They are very close to their family and have care and love for the few people they trust.

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They understand the emotions or what the other person is going through and may have a strong spiritual aura. They have their own beliefs, which they always cling to. They want to attain spiritual fulfillment in their lives.

If you are an empath, you’ll be able to relate to this post.”Oh yes…that’s totally meee…”

Do you know if you’re an empath?

Well, read on to find out.

1.People always tell that you’re very sensitive.

Highly sensitive
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Well, trust me. You’re not alone here.

Everyone is sensitive according to their own personalities. But empaths are highly emotional beings. They cry easily, but they also get really excited and happy for the smallest possible reason. It isn’t their fault, there’s nothing wrong with being emotional. They are just a little more prone to mood swings than others.

2.You easily find out the mood of the person you’re with or the environment you’re in.

Well, this isn’t quite easy. But empaths are skilled in that. You might be having a bad day, and your empath friend enters and cheers you up by getting a cup of coffee for you, without even knowing about your mood. So that’s pretty much their inner instinct qualities.

3.You often feel empty inside.

Well, frankly, that’s the truth. You needn’t worry because that’s just a virtue of empaths. Sometimes they feel empty inside without any reason. They would feel like getting away from this hustling world to a place where no one can bother them. Sometimes all they need would be some alone time with themselves.

Feeling empty
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4.You are a good listener.

Often people might think that you’re not that social or outgoing, but the truth is, being an empath, you like to give space to the other person by listening more to their stories rather than blurting out your feelings first.

5.Your past memory haunts you very often.

“Oh my gosh! Why did I do that? Ugh! I was such an idiot!!!” would be an oft-repeated verse in your memory bank. Well, it’s usual for empaths to think back into the past and re-analyze all the decisions that they’ve taken. They are prone to criticize themselves for whatever they’ve done, for they always think they could have done much better.

6.You easily relate the music with moods.

This many of us can do. Empaths do this every time. They simply can’t get rid of that teary-eyed moment that had happened during those days when that song was your favorite. Peppy songs-mood riser; Melody songs-childhood happiness, romantic interludes; Sad songs-tear times, etc. This would be the characterization of music to you.

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7.You often feel sick and tired of this world.

Since you’re emotionally connected to your surroundings, you find the ‘roller coaster ride’ of life quite monotonous and lifeless. You easily get bored and try to find solace by trying out new ways to experiment constantly. You find interest in diverse fields and try to know as much as possible by reading.

8.Books are your best friends.

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Yes, you read that right. Books are literally your soulmates who bring rays of light inside a dark hollow shell that you choose to live in. Those pages not only immerse you in but also help you get a new perspective on life. Those pages aren’t just pages, they are a boon of a lifetime.

9.You tend to be inclined towards nature.

Empaths are caring people who care for the environment too.

They feel they have a sense of responsibility to save the mother earth from all the demolishing talent of the humans, causing havoc everywhere. They plant trees, do community service, and would even have plans for the future to fund an NGO probably.

10.And last but not least, empaths have a weeny-weeny bit of an OCD.

OCD written on a note pad
By chrupka/ Shutterstock need to panic. It is common among all empaths. They have high-level expectations from themselves and tend to be perfect in whatever they do. They would want perfectionism in whatever they do and would not compromise on tidiness and proper order.

So already said, Empaths are one of a kind. They have innate abilities to be unique from others. Some might excel in music, some in dance, others in academics.

If you’re an empath, You would be gushing by now, as you would have clearly related well to this post.

No worries, it’s just a release of your emotions! Don’t forget one thing: being able to feel the energy around you is a virtue. Put that into proper use and make the best use of what you have. Sometimes having something is better than realizing you have nothing.

“All we need to do is flow with life, and go where it takes us”-Robert Frost.thank you


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