Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Strength From Negatives

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Pain, sorrow, despair, and loneliness. These are some of the most rampant ‘negatives’ today. Individuals who haven’t prepared to face them end up making terrible decisions, some as extreme as suicide. A lack of motivation to endure hardships and a desire to lead comfortable lives without sincere efforts results in the aforementioned consequences. Why must we lose heart to our problems? Why do we look at difficulties with such contempt?

Only in utter darkness do we understand the importance of light. Despair shows us the true power of hope. And in our times of sorrow, it is the joyful memories that we cling on to that we use to drive us ahead. So I ask you, do we need negatives in our life?

When we sign up for a fitness regime, we experience muscular pain in several parts of our bodies. This pain is welcomed because it a sign that we are growing stronger. We train harder so our bodies will not feel that pain for much longer. In other words, the comfort and sense of achievement after the pain is what drives us to overcome it. A similar approach has to be implemented for the ‘negatives’ we come across in our lives.

It is said that we realize the genuine value of something only when it has been lost. We take comfort for granted. We abuse time when we have aplenty, and we rot away good health by indulging in miscellaneous harmful activities. Losing the stated health, comfort, etc., gives birth to two things – realization and regret. Realizing the value of what we’ve wasted and regretting we didn’t use what we had more beneficially. And life, my dear friends, is too short for regrets.

Wise ‘sages’ are often sought after for their ideas and thought. What makes them ‘wise’? Is it their hours of meditation? Or is it something they consume or bathe in?

The answer to that couldn’t be more different – their bad times. The situations that have tested their endurance, tried to break them from within are what have made them wise. Numerous hardships, sacrifices, and tragedies have sculpted them into beings who know how to spread light in utter darkness. Such men and women laugh at the face of sorrow and dance to the tune of despair. They spread hope where it is needed, joy where it is wanted.

Negative experiences contribute greatly to what a person becomes. The contribution – good or bad – depends on the individual’s mindset. People are discrete, and so are the ways they react to situations. The same scenario can make or break a person. A fighting spirit that looks at approaching distress and says “bring it on” is the kind of spirit that attains great heights in its endeavors. Therefore, the real challenge is making sure we are beneficially molded by our hardest times.

Talking to people – mum, or a close friend, or even posting an anonymous blog online – helps whenever we feel overwhelmed with the task at hand. There will almost certainly be someone out there who has faced what we are facing and can offer advice. The advice we receive has to be taken after evaluating whether or not it has setbacks and whether or not it is suitable for us to use. Often, helping people when they need it opens us to new ideas and ways to better ourselves.

What we make of circumstances is what we become. Always remember – the light at the end of the dark tunnel is what drives us to crawl through. Keep a firm destination in mind. Nothing can deter you from reaching it.

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