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One of the best phases of life is student life. Whether you’re a student or want to cherish those moments, we’ve got it all.

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Cost of Living In Spain For Indian Students

  So, you have scoured the internet and found out what a

Anirban Goswami By Anirban Goswami

Why Should a Teacher Become a Student?

Why should a teacher become a student? Here's why. The things you

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To Bell the CAT: Guide to Conquering the Nightmare Exam

All of us are really tempted by the flabbergasting B-school placements and


5 Best Lessons Learnt from On Stage Experiences

On-stage performances are thrilling to watch and pretty exciting to perform. Ask

sagar tikyani By sagar tikyani

Grad School – 6 Important Things You Should Know Before

The transition from high school to college can be immense. There are

Vijetha joyce alva By Vijetha joyce alva

Different Phases Of Life In An Engineering College

“I've learned one thing, and that's to quit worrying about stupid things.


3 Interesting Ways To Memorize Your Notes

School life is the best phase of a human being's life. School

Dimple Singh By Dimple Singh

7 Things One Faces A Night Before Exams

  Exam Day, or should I say THE EXAM DAY is not

Swati By Swati

10 Common Mistakes in Python Programming 

Programming is a popular field which many people are interested in, and

Icy Tales Team By Icy Tales Team

8 Hacks To Totally Ace Your Internship

  Internships have become necessary and universities take them seriously. It’s a

Vijetha joyce alva By Vijetha joyce alva

You Know You’re a BSc.IT Student when…

Ahhh, BSc.IT! The noblest of man’s pursuits (doctors and engineers can shut

Vishal Yadav By Vishal Yadav

The cut-off story of DU

The next college admission season at Delhi University (DU) is set to

Christi Thomas By Christi Thomas

Top 5 Universities in India That Can Change One’s Life

College life is considered a turning point in one's life. Meeting new

Megha Bhandari By Megha Bhandari

The Ten Types of Roommates You’re Likely to Have In College

  With empty pockets full of dreams and head in the clouds,

Aindrila Choudhury By Aindrila Choudhury

Things That Are Often Heard By Journalism Students

A journalist plays a very vital role in the maintenance of peace

Dimple Singh By Dimple Singh

How To Deal With A Bully

Everyone talks about how they have faced bullying and difficult people in their

Priyanka Bhoj By Priyanka Bhoj

Indian Education System: What Ails It?

A student who never scored below 90 in Science is unable to

Swati By Swati

Transitioning: Single to Committed, Facebook Status Update

Facebook: changed her relationship status from single to committed. Facebook is a

Yashasvini By Yashasvini