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Thank You : A Necessity

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What do you understand by the words ‘Thank you?’ Thank you is a way of showing your gratitude towards another person. This word may or may not be important to you, but it is important to the person who helps you. A person needs to say ‘Thank you’ frequently for developing friendliness in his attitude.

So, how often do you say ‘Thank you?’ No idea, isn’t it? Many of us don’t even use this word frequently. For example, many of us don’t say thank you to our mother even though she serves us the whole day because we think that it is her duty, and it is. But go home today and say thank you to your mom and dad and see the joy, pleasure and glow on their face.

Thank You!
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There are many reasons to say thank you. One should use this word frequently to become friendly and avoid rudeness in his behavior. When you say thank you to someone, that person will try to serve you better next time, and the joy and pleasure that those words invoke in that person is priceless. It is also responsible for the duration and nature of your relationships. It is the foundation of healthy relationships. A person who often says thank you will be surrounded by more friends, family, society, etc. You will always be a respected and familiar figure in society compared to a person saying it seldom.

Now, since there is a right way of doing everything, so is the case for saying ‘Thank you.’ I am here to give you some tips on how to say sorry and thank you.

1) Always bear a smile while saying Thank you – It helps a lot while conveying a message. It shows that you are happy with their service; you respect that person for the service they provided you. It shows that you appreciate them.

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2)Say softly instead of using a loud pitch – Voice plays a very important role in communication. Your mood and mindset are determined by the pitch you use. Using a loud pitch can hurt the receiver and will lead to misunderstandings.

3)Keep Body language in mind- A little bend in your body is regarded as showing gratitude, and on top of that, saying thank you will enhance the positive message. Standing straight while saying Thank you will often lead the receiver to think that you are arrogant and do not appreciate their service. Making eye contact with the receiver will prompt your message, and it is also a sign of surety that you are sincere while saying thank you. So, one should take care of their body language while saying thank you.

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4)Don’t mutter. Be audible! – Don’t mutter while saying thank you, be audible so that you can reach the receiver. If your thank you don’t reach the receiver, it is of no use. Muttering a Thank you is often received as arrogance and the consequent confusion, which will invoke negativity in the receiver.

According to me, one should use little words like ‘thank you,’ ‘sorry,’ and ‘please’ often. They won’t take anything from you but instead adds to your quality as a human being. So go and say thank you to all those who have ever rendered you a service. But before that, Thank you for reading this article.

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