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The 7 Benefits of Playing Musical Instruments

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We have all strummed guitars and played the keys of a piano once in our lives, even if we are not sure what we are doing. Music forms an integral part of one’s life since childhood. -As we grow up, we witnessed how music has evolved throughout each phase of our lives.

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Studies have shown that there are certain benefits of playing musical instruments, and here are some:

  1. Gives you pleasure:

Now this is the most obvious one. In fact, the music you create will not only make you happy but also spread joy among the people around you. Even if you are just a beginner, this holds good because every time you learn something new, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. These guitar reviews will tell you just how awesome playing guitars can be.

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2. Teaches concentration and perseverance:

Learning how to play a musical instrument is not the easiest path to travel. It will take up your time and every bit of your willingness to learn. Working time and again on difficult parts will teach how to persevere and not give up. Also, music can be extremely delicate- even the slightest change can disrupt a piece. That acts as practice for increasing concentration.  Make sure to buy the best cello strings or purchase an instrument that best fit you especially if you are a beginner.

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3. Increases memory capacity:

Listening or playing music can actually stimulate your brain. According to recent research, the equal employment of left and right limbs in playing instruments actually puts all of our brain in action. This leads to increased activity of the right brain which controls our memory. As a result, a person who plays an instrument has improved cognitive skills than a man who does not. Also, music with its various nuances and theories will be a challenge to your memory from the word ‘go.’

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4. Improves academic skills:

Recent studies have shown that people who are trained in music theory and are acquainted with rhythm lyrics are often good at Mathematics and Comprehension skills. Music might be an art, but precision is one of its main requirements and thus it hones your ability to perform in Maths too. As for comprehension skills, the crux of music to comprehend complex symbols and put them to use.

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5. Enhances your bodily functions:

Music can sharpen your hearing so you can pick up the slightest variations in any tone. Recognising scales and keys help you develop a foolproof hearing which, no doubt, will also aid you in real life. The hand eye coordination that one needs to play an instrument enhances body coordination and improves one’s motor skills. Wind instruments also increases lung capacity and aids in better breathing.

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6. Self-expression and acts as a stress-buster:

The joy of creation is unparalleled. The more you advance, the more scope there will be to create your own music and give expression to your opinions and emotions. It also acts as a stress-buster and helps in reducing anxiety.

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7. Refines your life skills:

Playing an instrument helps you organise your day better. It also improves your time management skills, because the key to mastering an instrument is maximum utilisation of time. While playing with accompanying musicians, it helps you develop a team spirit and thus enhances your social skills.

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Now that you have enough reasons, go start playing!

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