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The Comeback Ad By MAGGI

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People are busy at times, and people are lazy at other times. These two worlds have one thing in common, One doesn’t have time to cook, and the other doesn’t feel like cooking. “Maggi”, this one word has made life easy for both of them. Maggi, an international brand of instant noodles, has been into various controversies over the past month or two.

The Comeback Ad By MAGGI 1

“Nestle” must have seen its highs and lows all through these years but it has seen its worst lows during the past two months or so. Its Share price coming down by more than 50%. For a company which has been functioning for more than 50 odd years, this would obviously bring down the brand image. The reasons for this were clear enough. Its contents are contaminated with(higher presence) lead and monosodium glutamate, which would risk a consumer’s health. The Government of India had filed a case against Nestle for its unfair practices, and false labelling and Maggi had to go off the shelves from every retail outlet and had to be tested. After all, this has been done, and people voicing their views on the “BAN OF MAGGI” to whether it had to be brought back.

People of all ages have voiced their views, and more than 70% have voiced their support in bringing back Maggi. Suddenly, when you flip channels sitting on the couch at home, you come across an advertisement wherein people share their experiences with Maggi.

“Kab waapas aayega yaar? Miss you”

The Comeback Ad By MAGGI 2
“I miss you, yaar. Come back, man.”


“Ab aa bhi jao. Miss you yaar.

The Comeback Ad By MAGGI 3

In all of these advertisements, a person shares his own story at the end, and explain why and how much they miss MAGGI.

All this is followed by a hashtag that says #Wemissyoutoo.

The Comeback Ad By MAGGI 4

This has created a new ripple in the social media wherein the loyalists have shared it to get Maggi back onto the shelves. And Maggi has recently announced that they are going to bring back Maggi by this year-end.

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