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The Top Hiking Essentials for Beginners

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Are you planning to go hiking for the first time? Do not worry, you will have the time of your life!

Hiking is a rewarding hobby which makes you fitter, more creative and more productive. Equip yourself with all the necessary gear like appropriate shoes and a hiking tracker so that you have nothing to worry about on the trip. 


As a beginner, you can’t afford to not invest in these hiking essentials.

  1. Hiking boots and socks:

If you want to keep your feet from being covered with blisters, you should buy a pair of comfortable hiking boots that will protect your feet. You can opt for light hiking boots, but they might not work great on rough terrains. It is best to invest in mountaineering boots or backpacking boots which are rugged and sturdy. They will be suitable for all kinds of hiking trails. 

Pay special attention to the material and cut of the boots as well. Try on the boots and make sure that they fit snugly before you spend your money. The perfect socks with the shoes can also contribute to preventing blisters because they will act as liners and keep your feet dry.

  1. Food and water:

Your body will consume a lot of energy when you go hiking. You should have enough food to recharge you whenever necessary. Long hikes can also cause dehydration, so it is important that you carry water along with you. Take a sip of water every 20 minutes without fail so that your body is fresh and hydrated. To be on the safe side, you can carry water purification tablets as well.

  1. Proper clothes:

You definitely cannot go hiking dressed casually. Invest in some athleisure outfits which will keep you relaxed and comfortable. Weather can be unpredictable, so you should dress in removable layers. This way, you will be able to manipulate your attire, depending on the circumstances. 

  1. Outdoor GPS tracking device:

When you are hiking, there is a chance of getting lost, and you need to do everything in your power to eliminate that possibility. An outdoor GPS tracking device will act as a hiking tracker and allow you to navigate confidently. Make sure that your GPS is able to offer offline maps and directions because you might lose Internet connection anytime when you are hiking. Your GPS should serve you well even when you are off the grid. 

  1. Hiking backpack:

Hiking backpacks are manufactured in such a way that they distribute the overall weight along the back so that you can walk for longer distances. Choose a lightweight, waterproof, backpack which has a lot of space if you are planning to go for long hikes. 

  1. Night lamps:

You should always have a headlamp or a night lamp that will help you see in the dark when you are on a hiking trip. You might injure yourself if you try to navigate through a trail at night. 

  1. First aid kit:

All hikers, beginners or experienced, should always carry a first aid kit which has all necessary supplies and a multi-tool.

Open yourself to possibilities when hiking to make the most of it!

– By Mohini Banerjee

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