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5 Things about Aeroplanes You Should Know

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There was a time back then when travelling in flight was a luxury only the super rich could afford, however, with time, things have changed, travelling to different cities and through the world has become so common due to the changes lifestyle and hence the airline industry is not just left exclusively to the upper classes of the society.

But, there are some things about aeroplanes which many people don’t know, but knowing these can make your travel easier. So, here are 5 things you must know before boarding a flight:

The Traytable And The Seat Pocket Are The Dirtiest Places On The Plane


What do you mostly do when you are done with the packet of snacks handed over to you by the attended with a broad smile? You stuff it into the seat pocket in front of you till the time an attendant comes to clear it up. You are not the only one, most passengers do this, and as a result, the pockets get very dirty but are not as thoroughly cleaned as we would like them to be.

The Food May Not Be Very Safe


The pilots and copilots of big airlines are mostly not allowed the food served to the passengers while flying, this is done to avoid food poisoning, do the maths.

The Crash Time

If we go by the records set previously, 80 percent plane crashes take place within three minutes of taking off the ground and 8 minutes landing off on the same.

The Washrooms Aren’t Really Locked


The Plane staff can open the washroom you so cautiously locked from the inside. This is done for a couple of reasons including the safety of the plane and the passengers.

Aeroplanes Are Lighting-Proof

Airliner with Lightning
Airliner with Lightning

Many of us may wonder what would happen if the flight is hit by lightning, would it result in a crash. well, the truth is flights are lighting proof, so don’t worry the plane won’t crash even if you see lightning outside the windows.

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